The first heartbreak

During those days when she was finished praying for everyone but then she started praying for something she's never prayed for before, love. She wanted to have someone who will care for her and most importantly love her back. As days go by quickly, she meets a guy through friends and unexpectedly it went well. She likes the way they became friends instantly, after the words they shared. She lay down on her bed thinking about him, "He's really nice" she says and rests.

When they finally met, her heart was beating fast like a race car speeding for its win. She walked through the streets and waited, thinking if he's the same guy she knows from the typing of the keyboard. Then he came walking towards her and hugged her. The day was even better, they shared laughs and made new memories that they both wouldn't forget. They had their first captured moment together… She went back home and couldn't get him out of her head all night.

The next day, she came home so tired and stressed. But when the night came, phone started ringing, "Hey" he said. A smile smoothly lit up her face as soon as she heard his voice. After a few hours went by, her stress faded off her shoulders and she didn't even realize it. The call ended, "That made my day!" she says and rests. As days go by, they always shared stories of their life as a way of getting to know each other. During the conversations, her feelings started to grow even stronger like a flower blossoming to the sun light. But she realized that she has no choice but to control her feelings for now because she does not want to jeopardize her other friendships who introduced her to him in the beginning. During one night, while they were talking, he said "You're the coolest sister like ever!" hearing this, it felt like she was sinking slowly which was the worst feeling she's ever felt. She cried for a few minutes, and she can hear him wondering if she was still there. She answered back in a trembling voice, "Ye-eah I'm here."

It was their first day out together, they had a blast in every place they went, and then it started to rain very hard. They ran and ran so fast to the bus stop to stand underneath the shelter. While in the bus, he comforted her while she worries about her parents. They got off the bus and it was still raining, he insisted to wait with her till her bus comes. She found it so sweet that he decided to stay even though he was freezing cold. While waiting for the bus together, he hugged her close because she was shaking from the cold. She cherished that 'hug' in her head, but in reality that didn't really happen. "I love when it rains..." (Rains, rains, rains, rains) - The one song that summarizes the day perfectly.
After that day, she was alone at home one day and started talking to him again through the keyboard. It was a day of the non stop shining sun. Their conversation went serious, he started saying that he has moved on from his past love and that he's already found the girl. Then she started getting nervous and wishing that she's the girl. He immediately said, "Yes!" this made her even more nervous and told him that she likes him too. But surprisingly, she was confused on what to feel, "Why am I not happy, I swear this is what I wanted?" asking herself over and over again. Then she realized that she cares so much about her friends and doesn't want her friendship to end because of this reason.

He came and visited her in her home and met her parents 4 times. The first time was surrounded with awkward shy moments. The second time was important to her because that's when she introduced him to her strong faith and that was the day they got even closer and shared even more laughs that were unforgettable because that's when he said, "I've never laughed this hard ever!" They captured every moment together which they can treasure. The third time was when she said, "Yes". They got even closer, shared moments on the garden swing and capturing every moment as usual. But this was the time where, her dad's "No" to them being together hurt her feelings so much. But that didn't stop him from comforting her by hugging her tightly towards his side whispering, "Its okay, I'll wait for you."Those words coming from him made her smile once again.

They started talking on the phone, after they dropped him home. She was still crying, but he comforted her by telling jokes or playing sweet songs to her. He kept on saying, "I'll wait for you after you finish college." She really wanted to believe what he said but her closest friends told her that it's not worth it. They say this because he's been lying to her the whole time. He was shockingly still in love with his ex who in fact is her closest friend too. After hearing all of this, made her sick and non-stop crying her tears out all night.

One day, she told him that she and her parents are going on a holiday for a week. He was shocked and wanted to spend time with her before she leaves. She was so lost and furious but still wanted to hang out with him. Her parents allowed her since they can see that they have a nice friendship. During those moments, he insisted her to lay her head on his lap while holding her hand tightly. But then he asks, "Do you still like me?" she pretended to avoid the question and carried on doing something else. Then he realizes how she doesn't answer the question and then she said, "I don't know." He was confused, and she was thinking, "I want to hate him, but I can't". Her dad called them from the kitchen and said that it was time to sleep, he went upstairs to get extra pillows.

He spread his arms wide and said in a soft voice, "Hug?" she didn't want to but also didn't want to make it obvious that she was feeling this way. While they hugged for a few seconds, she felt him smelling her hair. She was crying a river inside and when she went to her room, she couldn't sleep so instead she was walking round her room. The next morning, she woke him up and they hugged again. Then they had their first breakfast together while her dad was cleaning the car. Then the doorbell rang, and it was his dad coming to pick him up. While her dad and his dad were having a conversation, he and her hugged and whispered, "Bye." When he left, she went straight upstairs and cried on the bed because she loved him so much.

During her holiday with her parents, she was really focused on deciding if she would carry on a relationship with him after college or stay friends with him and her other closest friends. She thought about it a lot and while her parents were sleeping, she would go to the balcony and just look at the stars sparkling. "I'm sorry, but I don't want to loose my friends because they're actually my second family" she was saying this to herself. Then the next morning, she watched the sun rising from the balcony. It was the most beautiful thing she's ever seen happening. That's when she was certain on her decision to just stay friends with him.

When they came back from holiday, a friend told her that he never actually liked her in the same way she did. And that he was just joking when he says "I love you" to her and many more lies he made. The worst one was that he used her the whole time just to move on from hi s ex. When she heard that, it was like her heart just stopped beating. She felt like it was the end of the world. She cried for weeks about it, hiding from her friends that she was still hurt from everything he done since the beginning. She never even mentions his name again after what happened, to her parents.

Even though, she lost him. She was still happy because she had the most amazing friends ever who will be there for her no matter what. She was definitely happy on deciding them instead of him.
As you can see, not many love stories end with friendship. Mine does, because I believe that,

love comes and goes but friendship is for life!