"No chance" /3

She actually felt like they were going to be the best of friends during their first ever conversation, that conversation made her day. It was shocking, how much they had in common. She never expected after how many months later, that she'll start developing strong feelings for him. It was much unexpected because she didn't really want to fall in love with him. Then that day finally came for them to meet. She saw him from afar, and then they hugged, he had such an amazing scent. She was just about to talk to him, but then other people started calling him.

It was a whole bunch of girls who were wearing pretty skirts, basically they all had the beauty that was completely opposite to her's. When she looked at them, and then looked at herself, she knew she wasn't going to be that type of girl who he would ever dream of being with.

As months go by, they lost contact because she felt like she was annoying him with all the attention she was giving or that he might think she was a loner. As she stopped keeping in contact with him, the feelings she had for him started fading away quickly. Which she felt was a really good thing and for the best.

But then during that time, she couldn't stop looking at his page. The more she looked at his page, the more her feelings for him kept coming back which she found really annoying. It's because she had a very strong feeling that she really had no chance with him.

When someone very close to him past away, all she wanted to do was to be there by his side and give him all the comfort he needed during that hard time. This was because she understood what he was going through, since she experienced the same thing. Her feelings for him were so strong that she could feel his pain, it was heartbreaking...

She keeps on imagining moments that might happen with him and her. But when she opens her eyes, it's also like she's opening herself to reality that it was only happening in her mind. It hurts her so much that it's unexplainable.

Sometimes, she hates having these feelings for him because he was always on her mind, literally. She wishes he didn't have the likeable personality he showed that caught her attention instantly. It hurts her even more that, he's already found his 'forever'. That was like a big wakeup call for her, that she definitely doesn't have at least a tiny chance of making him her 'forever'. She wonders day by day, why she cries at night about him, when she knows that it's not going to make a difference. She also thinks why did she write this story, it was because 'paper listens too' and it's very hard to explain to people that are close to her.

But whoever this girl may be, she would be the luckiest girl to have someone like him to actually include her in his future. Guys, like this are very rare nowadays to find or to have... :(