Where would we be
if we hadn't been fighting?
Would we have crumbled,
or would we be best friends?

I guess we'd have crumbled,
for the fighting was merely
our thoughts unspoken.

Where would we be
if you hadn't been drinking?
Would I get over it?
Would you be pressured to it?

I guess I couldn't and
we both know you'd do it.
I was forced to acceptance.

Where would we be
if I hadn't been crying?
Would we be peaceful
or as stressed as now?

I guess we'd be stressed
for there's much more;
school, work, and life don't help.

Where would we be
if we'd taken different paths?
Would we have met?
Would we even care?

I guess we wouldn't have met.
Our likeness binds us,
and that would be gone otherwise.