Like a melted candle is restored again,

My life was freed from the prison of pain.

Shattered by friendships that didn't last,

My days were spent in prayers and fast.

When an angel came and enchanted me.

From the burden of sorrow I was set free.

Every time the world rejected, I used to cry.

Now I think of my angel, I don't know why.

Just when a tear was about to roll down my cheek,

A text came, as if to ask, why are you so weak?

I wiped my tear, and embraced my cell.

And shed off the most hated color off my face- pale.

Whenever the old memories crawl on my mind.

I remember something she asked me to find.

Whenever I feel lonely and depressed.

Her thoughts make my pain compressed.

Whenever I think of all the disaster,

I just thank God who gave me this sister.

Who makes me forget every grief

And makes every problem seem too brief.

We don't have any blood relationship,

We'll show the world the power of our friendship.

When I remember the betrayal of so many friends,

I just pray to God that her trust never ends.

A/N: I wrote this when I was 14. This one is actually about a friend-sister of mine who was there for me in my hard times. Just for the record, she wasn't there for me for long. Blood matters, trust me.