This road I'm walking on leads to you, of this I'm sure.

None of my crushes ever worked because I'm meant to be yours.

The closer I get to you, the harder the path seems.

Harsh reality crashes with and crumbles all my dreams.

All I want is a sweet future where

Someone will hold my hand

When I'm falling down.

Someone will understand

The reason for my frown.

Maybe it's because nobody cares about me right now.

I wish I could cut-short this journey and get to you somehow.

My destination is pure bliss, but this road is hell.

I hate my life so much I want to bid it farewell!

And as I keep breathing in

My legs start to bleed

A dark shed of red.

I cling on to the seed

Of hope in my fate.

I tell myself, someday we will be together.

This fog will clear, everything will get better.

If this road ends in our happiness,

I'm ready to deal with every single mess….

A/N: for the record, I do think my life will be better with him in it, but right now, my life ROCKS. This is just what I wrote to motivate myself in hard times (read: high school :P)