The more I think I'm sorted out

The more things go wrong.

I stumble, fumble, crash and fall,

Every time I try to act strong.

I've made my life unnecessarily complicated!

No wonder I'm so confused these days,

And feeling so ill-fated!

Just how many more years

Do I have to spend in tears?

Living at the mercy of people who

Don't let me look forward to something new?

Just how many more twists of fate?

How many more oscillations between love and hate?

I'm torn, torn, torn.

New options have been born.

The question's what it's always been-

Figuring out what all of this means.

I'm straining my ears to listen to the voice,

That's telling me what's the right choice.

I know I'm in trouble,

I can hear all the alarm bells

Ringing as I go deep and deep.

But no, I have promises to keep,

So many things to do,

So much to say to all of you.

I have to get out; I have to be strong,

I won't be torn for long!

A/N: these are 3 stanzas from 3 random poems! LMAO! XD