She came in my life, like a welcome breeze.

Whenever I looked at her, my eyes used to freeze.

I found a true friend, someone to depend on.

Someone with whom a deep, deep bond.

She was too understanding, loving and caring.

She was really supportive, and never got tired of sharing.

Her eyes full of determination often shone with her glare.

She taught me what it's like to be always there.

Just seeing her pass was such a pleasant sight.

Just hearing her speak used to make my heart light.

I could tell that she was indeed my best friend,

But I never imagined our friendship will come to such a sudden end.

One little misunderstanding shattered everything.

One big mistake left me broken, cut off my wings.

As I sit here all alone, my eyes full of tears.

Three words- "I hate you" echo in my ears….

Goodbye, my ex-best friend, I'll miss you and

Your soothing words, the way you'd understand

Me when no one else did, just by looking into my eyes.

Goodbye, my ex-best friend, goodbye….

A/N: seriously! How many poems did I write about her? :/ whatever. This one came from my heart. This is how much she meant to me.