It was the best of the Valentine' can you not LOVE this day? It is just the perfect time of the year to celebrate what you feel for someone special: the one that makes you feel that strange warm deep in your heart, the one that appears every single night in your dreams. It's the time for me.

And now I just can't hide it any longer: I love someone, and I needed to express it first in these few lines, and I know what a lot of people think: I'm naive, I'm idealistic, but you know what? If there is a day when you can get away with that, it's definitively this one.

Some people could say I'm corny, and yes, I get it, but I'm not afraid to take a chance and say what my heart claims; you only live once after all, and sometimes the love can be painful and humillating, but when the greatest reward is to be with that special being that can make your day with a single smile, I have to ask: Isn't worhy?

I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but as John Lennon said: "I'm not the only one"

I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna take this bet! I gonna declare my love to you, my sweet child o'mine (that was an Axel Rose quote...yeah, I probably need to read more)


It was the worst of the Valentine's, and that's saying A LOT: How can you not hate this fucking day? All I see is pink and red and heart shaped chocolate boxes, and all I hear is the same shitty Bryan Adams songs...God, make it stop!

Yes, I'm bitter, so what? I don't see any good reason to celebrate this crappy day anyway: I would probably ended up by myself eating junk and watching some "Lost" re-runs (in a futile attempt to finally get that ending...seriously CBS, WTF?), and you know what? I'm OK with that!

I can't deny it: Yes, sometimes I wish to experiment what other people feel: that "wuzzy fuzzy" magic or whatever the hell they want to call it, but I guess not for everyone...

...Sorry, I'm really sorry: I almost show a feeling! Can you just imagine? How lame is that? Yeah, but in the end, isn't my heart the one that governs me: That tittle goes to my brain (and sometimes my stomach when I'm near a KFC, but...that's another story...)

That doesn't matter anyway, and I'm not afraid to write it down: YES, AS ALWAYS, I'M ALONE IN ST. VALENTINE'S! So wha...


"Excuse me, Violet? Are you busy?" A young boy, Liam, interrupted Violet's writing while she was siting under a tree bitching on her diary about this crappy date.

"No, I'm not...what...what happens Liam?"

"Violet...I need to tell you something..."

"What's going on? Are you...blushed?"

"Yeah, it's just that...I like you..."

"Oh well, I like you too Liam"

"No, no! I a special way..."

"What do you mean?"

Liam sighed and then, he finally found the strength to confess what he really wanted to say.

"I love you Violet...and I wanted to know if...we can be something more than just friends..."

Violet was surprised by those words, and by several seconds (that seemed like an eternity to the young boy) she was completely speechless, Liam assumed that she just rejected him: he was about to leave, but before the first step, he felt Violet's hand touching his.

"Don't leave..." Violeta said.


Violeta closed her diary, stood up and then, gently, she kissed Liam.

" is a Good Valentine eh?" Liam asked after that kiss

"Yes, yes it is..." Violet answered

"As The Beatles said: all you need is love"

"Oh God really need to read more..."

"Yeah, I have heard that before..."

It was the best of the Valentine's, it was the worst of the Valentine's...I guess it all depends of how do you see it, or in this case, how do you write it.