Once her eyes were a sparkling blue -
innocent, gentle, and always true.

But life made her bitter,
with its cackles and hisses
as it turned and twisted,
and her eyes turned green.
Not emerald green,
or the green of summer leaves,
but a murky smudge,
like a polluted sea.

And through those eyes, she spied
a boy. She saw him,
and wanted him. So she lied,
decieved, belittled,
and finally, she got him.

For the shortest of times,
she was happy - or something of the kind,
until she realized
what her life was.

And she cried.

The tears washed away the green
and, for a moment, it almost seemed
that the blue -
the blue she had so loved -
might shine through.

But no.

All she was left with,
each hour of each day,
was a pale, dreary,
heartless, hopeless grey.