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Every time I pass him, he grins. When he says something stupid, I shake my head and smile. He calls me names and bothers the heck out of me…but does he like me? I don't like him…I

think he's way too weird. Rumors go around that he does. He tries to trip me, he makes weird faces, and he tries to make me laugh but, what does he mean? Does he mean: I'm like you

so notice me, or I just like to bother you so get away from me? I think he likes me….I decided to go around and try to solve my mystery. I ask around and everyone says the same thing,

"Yes." or "Of course he does."

But does he really?

I wondered for years…since Pre-K, if he does.

He's more like an older brother to me because he bothers me, but if I'm hurt he'll stop and ask if I'm ok.

If I have a sad face he'll come and ask what's wrong.

If I have a hurt face when he 'tries' to insult me, he immediately apologizes.

What do these signs mean?

One day, in Social Studies I complained about a headache.

His smile dropped from his face and was replaced with a worried expression. "What's wrong?"

"My head hurts…" I said ever so quietly.

He continued to watch me the whole class and I couldn't help but smile as I turned back around to face the board.

Then that day came. The day my suspicions were confirmed.

At recess that day, he pulled me aside. I was kinda scared of what he had to say.

Obviously, he told everyone because they were only inches away, quietly listening and whispering.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He mumbled so they couldn't hear.

But of course they did because they smiled and awaited my answer.

I frowned because, he was a good friend…but I don't like him back. I looked at the floor…suddenly, it was way more interesting.

"I-I…I'd like it better if we were friends." I said quietly back.

He sighed and walked away upset with my answer.

His best friend patted his back.

All the girls rushed up to me and asked me why I had disagreed.

I slowly shook my head signaling I didn't want to talk about it and sat down in my seat.

I noticed he was sitting in his too.

I felt really bad, letting him down, but I wasn't about to say yes, when I meant no.

In 4th grade….a year of mistakes for me, he asked me right out. I of course declined, my feelings hadn't changed.

In 5th grade he made a big deal telling everyone again. But I still declined and the same thing went all over again.

He hasn't tried for awhile now, but I wonder when he'll try again someday....

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