Your so cold
Surprised your hot head doesn't melt you
Once I thought I came close
Once I thought I felt you

But you passed right on through
Like you didn't see me
Like you never knew

My wintry eyes hide the scars
My beautiful lies hide the truth
Around my neck
I feel a noose
The facts lie buried far beneath snow
(In my head...
There's too much stuff)
But six feet under's not deep enough

Your so cold
Your judgement clouded by lack of faith
Or is it mine?
By lack of grace

But you passed right on through
Like I wasn't there
Like you didn't care


I'm not the person you think I am
You never even knew me
Had I even known you?
This isn't the old me
It's been the old me all along

Your life's a game
Mine's a disaster
I only wish
I could fall asleep faster
And maybe never awake


A/N- not my best work. Not too sure about the two verses at the end... Review, por favor!