Sacred oaths and hair cutting
1.) thou shalt not cut your hair

though brushing, cleaning, and otherwise
loosening certain strands for our lovers
was acceptable on the condition that
we were kissed first underneath the
moon on the hottest and coldest days of the

or just sitting in the sweltering
grass and dreaming about it, sucking our
lips to the tasteless sides of exploding
balloons, holding them with fingers
meant to caress a boys hair, we
examined ourselves 'in the act' most
seriously, noticing flaws and pinpointing
accuracy, for example:

2.) the tongue must always be used

in slurping the salt air, in calling out
harsh boy names (in the feeling of
the syllables in our mouths) chanting
their meanings to the air or
sacrificing our sight for a day in the
hopes that true love could find us,
for example:

3.) we look to like

while sitting cross-legged on the
sidewalk in broad daylight waving
an American flag that first
autumn after 9/11, wearing
only white t-shirts and blue
jeans, the glamorization of
the uncut dream, and still
our hair grew, awaiting the first
stretches of a man's face exposed
in kissing us,

we would not cut it
until their hands caressed it.