(Zip Her) Zipper
You've unzipped her breasts
in the same fashion you might
rush to debunk the casual
theory that intimacy is intricate
in its own preoccupation
with idealism,

this is
but she sighs
in the face of
her graying hairline.

is unrolling
her socks from
her legs; avoid
the foot during
sex; climax
and connect the dots -
pull your mouth
over words, take
a boy and run,

though she is
bent over the sink again
dying her hair,

and you are
once again catapulting
with her through the
dreamscape elopement -

the dog is
a symbol of
the future
they ought to have
after they are done
spreading svelte flesh
across the sheets that
haven't been washed
in months.

You suck her nipple
silently, dare yourself
not to make a noise, lay
wide awake while she
wheezes beside you, tickles
your now-a-days

you get up,
piss, then go back to bed.