Man, wish I had change
I pwn Big Buck Safari
Nothing escapes me

Karaoke night
The drunks are not singing yet
Pretty good so far

Ricky sucks at golf
Well, people have their "off" days
But really, it's bad

F-bombs a-plenty
These guys are out of practice
In the sand again

Matching flannel shirts
Cowboy hats, manly duet
That's a funny song

Josh in a pink shirt
Pink sweater and a white tie
Karaoke king

And gangsta Jojo
Always the question comes up:
"That a dude or chick?"

Damn safari game
Again and again I play
Musta blown twelve bucks

One in the morning
The singing's still going strong
As is the drinking

Still at the bar
Two hours into Friday
Fun, but I'm sleepy

"Social lubricant"
Flirtin' with the DJ's sis
Dancin' on the floor