Can't you remember the colors?

He is alone.

Can't you see the rainbows?

But that's nothing new.

Can't you remember a time when you could?

He really should be used to it by now.

I can.

After all, he's never accompanied long.

Why don't you give up?

It's to be expected in his line of work.

It's just a stupid theory, give it a rest.

Solitude is all he's ever been sure of.

It's not healthy to be cooped up like this.

That and the numbers.

You'll kill yourself.

The numbers are, unfortunately, always true, correct, and undeniable.

For a genius, you're a huge idiot.

He can't change that.

I'm leaving.

He is only there to discover things that have been there the whole time.

You're hopeless.

That is his purpose.

Are you even listening?

There's nothing left for him to find, though.

Look at me!

Nothing at all.

Fine then.

At least...

Goodbye, Doctor.

Not any more.