Hello there, Stranger, just wanted to say, 'Hi.'

Do you recognize me as you walk on by?

We used to be good friends, we laughed and we talked.

Do you remember all these times and the places we walked?

Remember the trust, the fun, and our game?

Do you reminisce about that time in the rain?

If we could go back would you change anything?

Did you know being with you meant everything?

I don't want to let you go, I won't lie anymore,

'Cause I know I've said that many times before.

I don't want to give you up I don't want you to leave,

But you kept changing your mind, what do I believe?

Hello, Stranger? Do you remember this as such?

I'm sorry for rambling, the nostalgia was too much.

I'm sorry to bother you, as you don't recall,

The memories I've kept so close, yes I kept them all.

Please try, Stranger, to remember me and the past.

Recall when we didn't want to grow up so fast.

Remember, Stranger! Remember, when we began to fall,

Falling as we joked, poked, and walked down the halls.

But with the blank expression on your face,

This puts me in a very awkward place.

You don't remember because you have her,

You changed, and everything 'bout us became a blur.

I know everything changes, but this was heart breakin',

'Cause I gave you everything and you kept on takin'.

Now you move on and don't even remember

All the times we had since that first September.

And as I stand before you with all these memories,

I'm shaking with the grief all the way to my knees.

You've forgotten and you were my everything,

But to you I was just a simple nothing.

So, Stranger, tell me, is this goodbye once and for all,

Now that it's too late to apologize, I'm puttin' up the wall.

I'm keeping it up, and I'm keeping you out.

You forgot everything we were ever about.

I thought we were close, I thought we were tight,

The damage is too great to make it all alright.

Goodbye, I hope you have a nice life.

Keep on forgetting us and all of my strife.

Stranger, I loved you and this is the last goodbye,

This was the last time you will ever get by.

No more squeezing through the broken pieces of my heart,

'Cause everything we had, has now fallen apart.

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