Chapter 1

"Bye Emma, see you later!" I waved as I walked toward my car. However, my walk was interrupted as she responded back.

"Oh, Al I'm sorry. I can't go. Jake and I are going to out tonight. You understand right?"

I stopped, turned around, masked my face of annoyance with understanding, and answered back, "Yeah, sure, I get it. Maybe next time?"

Too late though. Jake appeared out of nowhere, catching her attention with his lips. I rolled my eyes, they'll just end up hating each other again in an hour or so.

Wow, so much for friends. I was there for her throughout their rollercoaster. Whenever she cried, I helped her out. Whenever she needed help on what to do, I gave her advice. Now, whenever I wanted to go out, she would blow me off. For him.

We all know in each love story, how there's always usually a best friend, a confidant of the heroine that falls in love. Yeah? Well, I'm the best friend. I'm the one that is always forgotten at the end if the story because the boy and girl fall in love with a happily ever after. I mean, who cares about the best friend. Really, she doesn't matter. She probably doesn't even have a life outside of the heroine's. Shows how much I'm loved, doesn't it?

With every intention of heading straight into my car to forget about what just happened, I turned around and saw a car coming. Right at me. I froze for a second, eyes wide, heart hammering, remembering from the past. Then, when all of my senses flooded back in, I tried to jump out of the way, all the while knowing I wouldn't be out of the car's way in time. That was when I felt two hands wrap around my waist.

The next thing I saw was pavement heading straight for my face. Will this never end? I blacked out.

As the sun sprinkled into my eyes, I saw a face looming over mine, asking me, urgently, if I was injured. I blinked and tilted my head to the side not knowing what the hell he was talking about. Of course I was fine. Why wouldn't I be? I sat up and looked around. A wave of vertigo overtook me and I remembered. Betrayal. Car. Shock. Pavement. Black. Wonderful, I almost died today. Note the sarcasm people.

Coming back down to reality, the same voice still incessantly nagged at me asking if I was okay. Would he give it up already? I'm not deaf. I looked at him, nodded my head, picked myself up, and headed toward my car still peeved on how my best friend could just turn her back on me, and secretly trying to forget about the pseudo accident.

"You're welcome."

Huh? I turned around and saw the guy-who-pushed-me's piqued, almost amused face. "Uh-huh," I nodded off.

Okay, so it wasn't exactly the most gracious response. I mean, he did just prevent me from being flattened road-kill on the street. The least I could have done was appear grateful. However, I was annoyed and memories started resurfacing, so I didn't and just turned around, walking away.

"Name's Aaron by the way!" He called out as I entered my car rolling my eyes.

I pulled out of the parking lot, ready to go home and overlook what had transpired today, when he was suddenly in front of my car's way. Did he have a death wish or something? First he goes pushing people out of a speeding car's way and then he walks right in front of another. Stupid.

I glared. "What the hell are you doing?"

He smirked. "What's your name?"

Oh, how I wanted to wipe that arrogant smile off of his face. It was infuriating and it seems, I was fed up with him already.

Exasperated, I looked behind and saw the traffic he caused me to hold up. Horns were blaring, so I sent him a cherubic smile. Aaron smiled back confidently, probably thinking of how he won me over.

I revved my engine. He looked doubtful, most likely thinking that I didn't have the audacicty to do it. He doesn't know me.

I only pressed my foot on the pedal an inch. An inch too far apparently for he, taken aback, jumped immediately out of the way, alarmed. Rolling down my window, I sneered, "Name's Alyssa!" Laughing at his shocked face, I drove on, completely forgetting about the day's troubles.