I Haven't Given Up On Artificial

WG: Hello! Long time no see!

Bob: ...What's this?

WG: Just making sure that everyone knows I haven't given up on Artificial!

Bob: ...Wait, you're still trying to get that stupid story published?

WG: Of course! Long ago, many people said I should get it published-and I'm not just saying the people here on FanFiction and FictionPress!

Bob: I see...

WG: I've edited it so it would make more accurate in culture, logic, and human-ness!

Bob: I see...so, when you're going to publish it?

WG: After I finished editing!

Bob: ...Wait...you're still editing it? After all this time?!

WG: Hey! I had to take away some things, add some things-fix my grammar and spelling...!

Bob: ...Okay then...so, when are you going to be dong with editing?

WG: SOON! Muahahahaha! I'm like...half way done...

Bob: ...Oh wow...

WG: You see, it took Harper Lee 2 1/2 years to get her story, To Kill A Mocking Bird published...after I realized I'm hitting my 3rd year of working on this story...I gave myself a new motivation! I will publish this story fast than L.M Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables! My favorite author of all times who wrote my favorite books of all time!

Bob: ...How old was she wen she got her book published...?

WG: ...Uh, about when she was 34 years old...

Bob: ...Well-you're way younger than at this moment! Of course you're going to get it published before her!


Bob: (facepalm)

WG: Everyone! I will get this book published! I believe that there's good morals that should be told!

Bob: She's very stubborn and too darn serious about this.

WG: Until then, I will say this... Artificial became: The Artificial Series! Yes, it became a series. About 4 books ish to be exact!

Bob: ...She daydreams and dreams and overly thinks too much...

WG: I will become and author and I will announce when I do give it published! Support and hope be it for me!

~Thank you for reading~