New neighbors and a hide and seek story

Ten years ago, little Liam was looking at the house next to his, watching how the bad-tempered old couple moved to another city far, far away from him and his troubles. They seemed pretty happy to leave, but Liam had to admit he was going to miss them, especially when there was no other house to bother.

What Liam didn't know was that the house next to his had been already bought by a young couple who moved in the day after. This couple had a six year old daughter, just the same age as Liam. Big furniture objects entered inside the house and from his bedroom window, Liam watched curiously. The other house's bedroom was located just in front of his window. That bedroom had been used as a studio by the old couple, but now it was turning into a girl's room decorated with butterflies of soft colors and princesses.

'Great 'he thought 'Now I'll see pink every time I wake up'. He didn't like girls, or at least, not for now. He couldn't understand why they loved pink, princesses and butterflies so much. Nor he understood why they screamed so much when they got excited about something or lived in their magical perfect princess world. He hated them by being so feminist. He was only six, yet he could understand most things clearly.

Meanwhile, Leah rushed to find her mother's arms. She didn't like the new house at all and she missed her hometown friends. But there was nothing she could do; this was her new house, in her new town with new friends she didn't know yet. She didn't like this, not when everything seemed to be perfectly fine for her just a few months ago. 'Just mom and me' she thought.

Now she was in a new town, with a new 'daddy'? Mark was her mother's new fiancé. Since his work and family was here, they had to move. She didn't know Mark much; she had never seen her mother with a man, not even her real dad. He had died tragically on a car accident two months before she was born, so she never had the figure of a father until now and some stranger was going to fill that space? That bothered her.

"Why don't you go and play outside?" Her mother whispered in her ear. Leah could see she was too busy right now for her.

"But I don't know anyone" she said shyly.

"You will if you talk to them" her mother gave her a big smile and added "I saw a boy just about your age in the house next door. Why don't you play with him?"

"A boy?"

"A boy" her mother repeated.

"Boys don't know how to play" Leah was trying all to avoid it.

"Of course they do. I'm sure you'll find something" Then she took her by the arm and left her right in front of the door. "Mommy has some things to do, darling. Go and have some fun with kids, I'm sure they'll love you.

Liam could see her alone in the backyard. Blonde hair in a pony tail, pink dress and pink shoes, he didn't like her already. But his urge to have some fun by teasing girls made him go out to meet her, but his plans where for no good at all.

"Hi I'm Liam" he said when he was just a few steps away from her. She turned around surprised and stayed quiet for a moment.

"Leah" she finally said.

"Would you like to play hide and seek with me?" he asked her as a cute little gentleman. She wasn't so sure about his kindness, though. But somehow his big smile convinced her.


"You count and I hide"

The girl turned around and started counting to twenty. When she finished she looked to both sides of the backyard. There was a big tree, a small wooden house used as a storeroom, and two swings, the rest were flowers of different forms and colors.

She waited for a few seconds and then saw something moving in the bushes. An evil smile of satisfaction was all over her face. 'Boys are so dump' she thought almost laughing.

"I see you, I see you! You're hiding in the bushes. I win!"

The boy smiled and came out without causing trouble. He didn't complain at all. His plan was going just as it was expected.

"Oh… you found me. You're really good at this" He lied with a big smile and she believed him. "Now you hide and I seek"

Leah moved quickly. She already knew where to hide; the storeroom was the perfect place. There she waited in silence. Liam knew where she was, he had turn to see just when he started counting. As he had predicted, she was hiding inside the little wooden house. 'Perfect' he thought with a smirk.

She waited for him, but he never came. There were no sights of his presence, so she tried to open the door. Wrong. It couldn't be opened. Liam had blocked the door from outside and had left her alone. She tried to open it a few more times before starting to scream and ask for help but no one listened to her.

She was scared and alone. Her mother wouldn't notice her absence for a couple of hours. The place freaked her out. It was dark, cold and with lots of bugs and spiders she couldn't see but knew there were. So as any scared little girl, she began to cry.

Liam had gone into his house for some candies. He was enjoying teasing her and had discovered a new spot: she and only she would be his center of attack. After half an hour of pure sugar, he walked to the storeroom and opened the door. Inside, the girl was sitting while crying.

"Sorry, I was hungry" he said. She stared at him for a few seconds and then, with all her body, she pushed him away.

"I hate you!" she said out loud, with an anger she had never felt before. Liam didn't care much; in fact he was enjoying it.

"You're so weak" he continued bothering her.

"Ugh!" she pushed him again "And you're a monster!" Then she ran away to her house.

This is how Liam and Leah met, ten years ago.