City Lights

By: firewitch1soulwriter

February 9, 2011 8:03 PM

The city lights faintly illuminated the apartment through tilted metal blinds, casting yellow beams across his bedroom and across her. Livia lay curled on his bed, the ivory skin of her back gleaming against the dark green bedspread. Aaron could feel her eyes gleaming at him from beneath the fall of her hair. A soft moan escaped her long, slender throat as she woke fully from sleeping.

"I thought you would not be home until late?"

"I finished up early," Aaron told her mesmerized by the sheet sliding off her breasts as she sat up in bed. Aaron swallowed thickly as she removed the sheets from her legs and moved them over the edge of the bed. She walked over to him hips rolling and long strands of hair falling freely about her shoulders.

The sway of her body was hypnotic; the slight percussion of her bare feet hitting the hardwood floor made him even more unfocused on anything but her and the smooth rolling of her hips. 'God those hips' he thought remembering how well they fit against him and how soft they felt under his. She was in front of him, mere inches of space separated their bodies. He suddenly thought that he had on too many clothes.

Despite the faint chill of the room, Aaron could feel the heat of sleep rolling from her body. He felt his pants grow tighter. She leaned in and claimed his mouth. Passion assaulted his senses. Her tongue was forceful against his closed lips, demanding entrance. He opened his lips to her and was overwhelmed with the feel of her tongue rubbing against his.

As her tongue played with his, her hands moved down his shirt unbuttoning each off white button painstakingly. Aaron did not comprehend the moments after his shirt was free and his pants followed. He only comprehended that perfectly soft hand wrapped around his penis with surprising firmness. His moan of ecstasy was lost in her kiss as she stroked him to fullness.

His hips jerked in response to her languid movement, lurching to the rhythm she set with her hand. Livia bit fiercely down into his bottom lip, almost drawing blood. Her free hand moved against his chest, pushing him until he was backed against the bed. He fell back against it and groaned as Livia centered all attention on his quivering cock, having not once lost her rhythm.

Her hand was gripped lightly around him, covering all but a scant few inches and the precum moistened tip. Livia grinned lazily at Aaron and licked the top of him, like a cat contently licking fine cream. He groaned and shuddered, begging her to take him fully into her mouth. She smiled lazily let go of him, smoothed out of her crouch, and stepped away with a beckoning finger.

"Do you want more?" she purred, stepping backwards into the adjoining room. Aaron stood, his legs quivering, barely able to move.

"God yes," he whispered, throat thick with lust...

"Then come shower with me." Her voice floated from the other room as she turned, still beckoning with a finger over her shoulder...