In The 22nd century, a new way of playing trading card games was created. This way was called Armor Duel. This along with new monsters called Synthesis skyrocket of what is today the most watch and popular trading card game. The rules were simple, each player starts with 40 HB, they are allowed to summon normally 1 monster per turn, In order to summon a Synthesis monster you must need an armor monster and combine it with monster to create a new and powerful armor which is called Synthesis Armor. Everyone aims to be the best in the world but they can only be one, ONE CARD MASTER!

Card Master!

Card Master!

Card Master! (Come on let's step it up)

Come on follow your dream (Card Master!)

Come on follow your dream (Card Master!)

Come on follow your dream (Card Master!)

Come on let's step it up! (Card Master!)

Never give up on your dream (Card Master!)

Never give up on your dream (Card Master!)

Never give up on your dream (Card Master)

Come on let's step it up! (Card Master!)

Along with your friends

You will always

Solve everything

Let's fight together

Let's reach up high

And become the best

Become….The Card Master

Card Master!

Card Master!

Card Master! (Shiro* Let's Step it up a notch)

Card Master.

Episode 1: The Adventure Begins

"Hello and welcome to Skylab's Midnight Show with me your host Jack Altor." The host of the T.V. Show said and people start applauding. The host has gray hair, brown eyes, and in a brown business suit. He's around 6" and 210 pounds. "Tonight we have a special guest give a bunch of applause to the one and only Card Master Kazu Fuka!" Altor said as a lot of applause are heard and a kid show up. He's about your average 13yearold 5"2 dress up with very long dark blue jacket and jeans with black boots to match. His hair is long but not very long just a little bit up his shoulder that matches the color of his eyes light brown.

"Hello." he said as many cheer after all he is the Card Master.

"So Mr. Kazu or should we call you Master Fuka?" Altor asked politely and with respect.

"Whatever makes you more comfortable." Kazu said with a warm smile.

"We heard that a lot of people are coming to this city to challenge you, doesn't that worries you of being dethrone as the Card Master." Altor asked with a bit of concern.

"Not at all, in fact Master Gaki said that he has arranged a new way to decide who will face me." Kazu answered him.

"Can we… see the list?" Altor said curiously.

"Sure be sure to be in The Skylab's Grand Tower Sunday I'll be waiting for the top players to be there." Kazu announced looking at the cameras as the crowd cheer.

"And that's going to be Me." Said a boy with confidence. (to much confidence I might add). He's 13 years old 5"1 100 pounds with spiked down silver hair and green eyes he's dress in white shirt, black jeans and black shoes to match his jeans.

"Yeah Right." Said a girl rolling her eyes. She's also 13, 4"7, 80 pounds, she also has long silver with gold highlights hime hair and crystal gold eyes. She's dress in a white school shirt and redwhine with black lines skirt that is below the knees, and black sneakers.

"What?" The Boy replied wit anger.

"Face it Shiro your not even in the top 50, I don't even think you're in the 100." The Girl said which last words tick him off.


Hagane Violet

Age: 13

Height: 4"7

Weight: 80lbs

Hair Color: Silver with Gold highlights

Eyes: Crystal Gold

Armor Rank: #23

"What was that?" The Boy Retorted.


Shiro Sora

Age: 13

Height: 5"1

Weight: 100lbs

Hair Color: White

Eyes: Green

Armor Player Rank: #99

"Face it Shiro you're at the bottomless well." said another boy. This one has Red curtained hair, blue eyes. He's also the same age as them and dress like Shiro.


Dragun Luster

Age: 13

Height: 5"3

Weight: 54 kg (114lbs)

Hair Color: Red

Eyes: Blue

Armor Player Rank: #87

"Even I know I stand a fight against him too." Said another girl. This one has short banged blond hair, and crystal blue eyes. She's 5" 84 pounds and dress like Hagane.


Keigo Yamato

Age: 13

Height: 5"

Weight: 40kg (84lbs)

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyes: Crystal Blue

Armor Player Rank: #85

"Hagane, Dragun and Keigo are right Shiro." Said an older boy. He's 14 years old 5"5, 130 pounds, with dark brown long hair let loose and light red eyes. He's dress like the boys.


Snipes Kagurashi

Age: 14

Height: 5"5

Weight: 59kg (130lbs)

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eyes: Light Red

Armor Player Rank: #37

"Shut Up, I just get unlucky with my deck!" Shiro retorted back.

"The problem is you use to many armor monsters and most of them don't even fit your deck." Hagane explained which Shiro retorted back with the worst thing to say to her.

"What do you know Dwarf!"

"Dwarf?" she said in the way that most of the class got distance away from them. "You really want to die today don't you?" she crack her knuckles and you can see her gleaming red eyes. The sound of the b…I guess it was the sound of Shiro's head in the wall now that we're outside let me tell you how Skylab High is like, hmm well for starters the color is white is very big, way to big to be a normal school, well considering is a dueling school I'm not surprise the front yard is long but not that long we don't want our students to exhaust themselves and the backyard is big due to the fact that's were the dueling ground is in the front yard a large black gate close and protects the school from strangers. "Who does he think he is calling me a dwarf." she said huffing to her sit.

After school. Shiro is walking at the city complaining on how stupid Hagane is. Skylab is the biggest city in Japan, the hearth to be more specific. In the North resides the Skylab arcade, where games like Rumble Fighters XXVI, and Trooper Storm are along with an armor duel arena for 1 on 1 encounters, while the east is the border between Delta and Skylab is. On the west they're a lot of giant buildings and about 5 blocks the Skylab Police Department and Serene's Duel Shop where the owner Serene along with Johan fixed Deck Holders. The deck holders are circular orb with a transparent card holders. There is a total of 12 for them 6 for monsters and 6 for spells and counters which are the ones hidden in the back of the transparent rectangle. The stack of cards are hold by the orb since it forms as the same side of the cards. (too much detail). While Shiro is still complaining he doesn't notice a motorcycle coming his way and when he notice he almost gets ran by it. "Hey watch it!" Shiro yelled to the person who was ridding it. The person stops to see if the person it almost hit was okay.

"Oh Sorry sometimes I don't pay attention." The guy said as he takes his helmet off revealing to be a boy about 16 years old 5"7 149 pounds with spiky medium blue hair and blue eyes. He's wearing a blue bikers suit with in the center a big black line. On the back it has a wrench with a red Deck Holder and below it said "Serene's Deck Holder Fix & Delivery" engrave in pink in the sides of the letter and the inside yellow. "Name is Johan I was trying to find someone named, hmm let see." Johan introduce and proceed to get the package from his backpack to check the name of the client. "Shiro Sora?" Johan asked and Shiro gets happy.

"Ah that's me!" Shiro replied vigorously.

"What luck I don't have to look for you all over the city, well here." Johan said handing the package to Shiro.

"Awesome!" Shiro said excited but when tries to open the box he's hit in the hand a nightclub by Johan. "What was that for?" Shiro yelled while putting his hand on his on his mouth while it pulsate.

"Sorry but you shouldn't open that present until you get home well I'll be off I have to get back to my delivery business." Johan said as he goes to his motorcycle and left, as Johan left Shiro just went straight home.

Shiro's home is South in which Skylab High is just 4 to 5 blocks away from his home, is a very descent house which is colored Blue inside the house the walls are covered in white and in some walls are decorations and photos of Shiro and his families, most of him and his parents. In Shiro's room the bed is Queen size with the cover of some monsters one of them is an electric man and the other a Ninja. He also has his own wardrobe, decoration of monsters, posters of previous tournaments and their winners and a studding table with school equipment.

"Man this is so awesome wonder what it is." Shiro said curiously shaking it first and then open it wildly to see a set of cards, to be exact a new deck. "Huh? Why would I need a new deck I got…" Shiro said confused but then realized something missing in his left sky blue deck box he didn't have his deck anymore. "Where the heck is my deck!" Shiro screamed which was heard through the entire neighborhood.

Johan has reached Serene's Duel Shop which is a garage painted in gray outside and light brown on the inside, they're a lot of Duel Holders some fixed, others unfinished and others new, there is also a table which shows some cards specifically for armor duelist that requested them.

"Man this job is to difficult." Johan said opening the door and brushing his brow off.

"Johan you're back so quickly." said a girl. She's about 18 years 5"4 110 pounds with short pink hair and purple eyes. She's dress in a orange shirt, white long pants and wears a yellow armband in her left arm.

"Yeah I found the client on the road I just though I would trade him up for his deck." Johan answered her while throwing a deck to the table.

Which cause Serene to sigh.

"Right." she said sarcastically knowing him he probably stole it.

"What?" Johan said confused.

"Oh nothing." she takes the deck from the table he threw it. "I just hope you know what you're doing." she told him.

"Oh don't worry I am." Johan said with a big grin on his face.

Somewhere in the Skylab's arena which is West. Skylab arena is a giant stadium dome which could hold over 170,000 people and has 4 different duel arenas. Right now on the center arena an Armor Duel is taking place.

"As always our top champion Kazu Fuka is at a dominant pace with his Sharkeon on the field is just a matter of time!" the announcer said very vigorously and the crowd roars wild.

"Time to add you to my meal list, my turn." Kazu said as he draws Ocean Armor and he grins evilly showing his shark fang this is Kazu's true nature and he's known here as the Shark King.

"I summon my Ocean Armor to the field." A level 1 blue Armor as clear as the ocean water with 0 ATK and DEF appear. "Now Sharkeon and Ocean Armor I unite both of you to Synthesis summon my Sharkeon Armor." Ocean Armor along with a black hammerhead shark goes to the sky as they both glow blue then a level 6 dark blue armor with spiked elevated shoulder pads and the logo of Sharkeon in the chest plate with 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF appear and unite with Kazu.

"Is here the Shark Armor!" The announcer said with much excitement.

"Time to Eat up your King Leos Absolute Crunch!" he charge at his opponent's monster a level 4 Lion with 2300 ATK and 1800 DEF.

"Not so fast I activate my counter card Imperial Wall now my King Leos will receive 800 ATK points." the ATK of King Leos increase to 3100.

"I love when my meals try to escape it makes me want to eat it more! I activate my Sharkeon Armor Special ability when my opponent uses a trap card of spell that increases it's ATK or DEF I can increase my attack equal to the amount plus I activate Shark Strike allowing me to increase my ATK by 500 more!" Kazu yelled with a sadist on his face as his ATK goes to 4300.

"4300?" said the astonished 14 year 5"6 145 pound red haired boy.

"Hahahaha! Perish! Perish!" Kazu yelled maniacally when he spin like a top spin and hit the Lion multiple times before destroying it depleting the health bar of his opponent to 0.

"And it's over Winner and still the top Champion of our city the Shark King the Master of Cards Kazu Fuka!" The announcer said as the crowd cheers for their champion.

"He'll need that deck for the upcoming battles." Johan while Kazu is still smiling like a shark satisfied to eat his victim.

I have to Redo this again and this is the last time I'll do it. My final decision stands! Also have my own theme now :D and now for the ending.

I'm running toward not looking back

My heart is raising from all this rush

I'm looking forward toward the future now

The world is different as you run

A lot of obstacles in front

But with my friends I'll take them all

As I face my opponents I see truth

I know what I have to do…

I show what I can with my card

I know that I can win if I try very hard

I know that I can take them all

I know the answers are in front

I know that my friends will support me out

I know where the answers lies…

In the Cards

In the cards.

The answers lies between the cards.

Opening: Card Master

Ending: Cards both made by me XD see you all later!