Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Listen to your heart and tell what you been holding out.

Tell me what's on your mind

Tell me sincerely and not in dreaded lie.

I want to solve everything.

(I want to help you in everything

I want to touch you heart

And feel what you feel.)

I want to be the best right now!

I want to protect everyone!

I want to take on every obstacle!

I will never give it up!

I want to save the world right now!

No matter what
I will do my best!

No matter what…

No matter what…

I will do my best.

Episode 27: Let's Step it Up A Notch!

The situation wasn't in favor of Kazu and Shiro as both have 1 monster each while Johan have 4 and Sora 2 making a total of 6 monsters.

"This isn't good, Shiro has only Lucky Guardian and Kazu has Sharkeon but even so they can't defeat two monsters with over 2300 even worse they have 6 of them." Dragun said to them.

"Come on Kazu, you can beat them!" Keigo screamed.

"The situation has been very interesting." Snipe said.

"Yes indeed." they look behind to the voice to see Naturei, Sengoku, Kuragami and Karin Quilt.

"Karin, Sengoku, Kuragami, Naturei." Arashi to them.

"Hi, um guys." Karin said sheepishly.

"Hey Karin is alright to talk to us, it wasn't your fault." Dragun said assuring him, after the events of the tournament Hagane and the other explained to Karin what have happened, Karin then gave the rings back to Sengoku, Naturei and Kuragami while Arashi destroyed the fake wind ring making sure that the dark influenced ring wouldn't be grasped into the wrong hands. Since then Karin has used his original deck the Rock Valleys, Karin was very good at dueling that Sengoku have accepted to train him in order to pass his ring to him in case something might happen to him or if an incident like the one in the tournament ever occurred again.

"Looks like the creator couldn't contain himself from facing his own son." Naturei said.

"Yeah." Mizuki said and they look at the duel.

"Is my turn!" Shiro said as he drew Vortex Call.

"Alright first I activate the spell Luck Storm this allows me when Lucky Guardian is on the field I can destroy all the Spell and Counters on your field." Shiro explained as a card with Lucky Guardian spinning and making a tornado appeared and Lucky Guardian does the same motion that appears on the card.

"As much as I love storms I think I'll pass son I activate the counter Running Engine!" Sora said as a card that appears Vortex Junker charging his engines with electricity is flipped. "This card allows me to negate an opponent's spell or Counter card when I have a Vortex monster on the field, so your storm has met his match son." Sora told Shiro as thunder strikes Lucky Guardian and it starts to get dizzy.

"Okay plan B then I summon Vortex Girl in Attack!" Shiro said as Vortex Girl appears with a cute giggle. "Next I'll play the spell card Vortex Call this allows me to Special Summon 1 "Vortex" Monster from my deck and I have the perfect one let's go Vortex Hero!" Shiro said as he shows a card with a light pointing to the sky with a V signal on the clouds. Vortex Hero appears besides Vortex Girl. "Now Vortex Girl's special effect activate when Vortex Hero is on the field she gets an additional 600 attack points." Her attack goes to 1800. "Now I activate my spell card Free Summon this allows me to summon an additional time this turn, and I have the perfect one so come on out Majestic Armor!" Shiro said as Majestic Armor appears. "Now here I come dad, I combine both Vortex Girl and Vortex Hero with Majestic Armor in order to Triple Synthesis Summon my Majestic Thunderstorm Armor!" Shiro said as a level 3 Blue Armor with a golden center chest surrounded by electricity with 2100 ATK and 1600 DEF appears and attach to Shiro as it makes his hair spiked up. "Shocking." Shiro said looking at himself.

"Well then let's see what this armor can do for every Light Attribute monster on the field this boy gets 100 extra attack and DEF, they're 8 including this baby so that means I get 800 extra attack and defense." Shiro explained as his surge of electricity increases and so his ATK to 2900 and his DEF to 2400.

"Alright now he can take down both any of their monsters!" Dragun said.

"Now I'll attack your Vortex Junker! Hyper Shockwave!" Shiro use a powerful static wave but is stop by a Barrier of water made by Neptune.

"Sorry but I can't let you destroy my partner's monsters my Lumen Murus allows me to stop your attack, nice try though." Johan explained.

"Well I guess I'll play a card facedown and end my turn." Shiro said as his new armor disappears but the next move surprise almost everyone as Vortex Hero and Vortex Girl return while Majestic Armor goes to his hand.

"Wait why his Vortex monsters return to the field while Majestic Armor returned to his hand?" Keigo ask but receives no answer so the creator of the game spoke.

"Nice Shiro, you really are good." Sora complimented his son.

"Thanks! You see when Majestic Thunderstorm Armor returns to the armory deck I get to special summon Vortex Hero and Vortex Girl while Majestic Armor returns to my hand." Shiro Explained.

"That means he could use them for later, nice thinking Shiro!" Dragun yelled.

"This will make the duel more interesting don't you agreed guys." Snipe ask the inheritors of the rings and they nod.

"Whatever I won't let you steal my thunder my turn!" Kazu said as he draws Synthesis Contact.

"Looks like my fangs couldn't wait any longer I activate my Spell Super Rebirth with this I can bring any monster from either's graveyard and I think I'll bring back my Sharkwar to the field." Kazu said as Sharkwar appears. "Next I activate the spell card Synthesis Contact this allows me to remove cards from play required for the Synthesis Summon of an armor! So I remove Sharkeon, Sharkanagan, and Sharkwar in order to Synthesis Summon My Supreme Armor, Ocean Megalodon Armor!" Kazu said as Ocean Megalodon Armor appears and attach to Kazu. "Time to eat up! I'll attack your own Venus Mega Terror Burst!" Kazu Charge a blue wave in his arm cannon and fires it. "I activate the Special effect of Venus by discarding a Divum Lumen monster I'm allowed to draw a card from my deck!" Johan explained as he discard Divum Lumen Militis and draw Divum Lumen Lupus. "You'll still both take a big bite from me!" Kazu said as his blast reaches Venus destroying her and Johan's and Sora's HB goes to 19. "I'll end my turn." Kazu said with a shark grin.

"Alright Kazu!" Keigo rooted.

"Kazu depleted their HB to more than halve in one swoop!" Dragun said.

"Yes, but…" Dragun and Keigo pay attention to Karin.

"From what Master Sengoku has told me this is were the challenge is, yeah taking them to a lower HB is good but the hardest to deplete or even impossible for the fact is their last HB's." Karin explained.

"He's right, kids there's a reason why they were the best in the world and why Master Shiro's father is the creator of Armor Duel." Sengoku told them in a very wisdom way.

"In any rate this is were the duel gets interesting." Snipe said to them.

"Alright then my turn!" Johan said as he drew Divum Lumen Armor. "Now let's get this interesting I summon my Divum Lumen Armor." Johan said as Divum Lumen Armor appears. "Now combine Divum Lumen Armor, Uranus, Neptune and Earth to Quad Synthesis Summon My Divinus Lumen Armor!" Johan said as Divinus Lumen appeared and attach to Johan.

"Whoa." Dragun said in amazement and so do Keigo and Mizuki as it is the first time they saw the armor.

"Well I would use my special effect but it would be pointless to since your effect will increase your attack as well, but…" Johan smiles. "This is why I love this armor the most I activate the second effect of my armor you see once per turn I can special summon a Divum monster and I summon Divum Lumen Lupus!" Johan said as a level 1 white wolf with silver armor with 1400 ATK and 1200 DEF howls as it appears. "This boy has a very unique effect you see I send the top 3 cards from my deck and for every Divum monster I send your monsters lose 200 attack points so I'll send 3." Lupus howls and 3 cards are sent from the top of Johan's deck revealing to be Divum Erus Of Inframundus- Pluto, Divum Lumen Angelus, and Via Lumen. "Two out of three is good and is a good thing Pluto is one of them because now he's Special summoned to the field along with Venus thanks to his special ability." Johan explained as Venus and Pluto appears from black flames and Shiro's monsters attacks are decrease by 400 along with Kazu's armor. "Now I attack you Kazu, Divinity Orb!" Johan charge and hits Kazu but Kazu's armor stays as Sharkwar appears and turns into a gray orb and returns to Kazu's Deck and their HB goes to 25. "Now Pluto attack Vortex Hero, Underworld Flames!" Johan said as Pluto throws a dark ball of fire directly to Vortex Hero but a V-Shield made of Electricity from him and Vortex Girl stop the attack.

"I activate my counter card V. Protection this card can only be activated when Vortex Hero and Vortex Girl are on the field, during this turn all Light monsters aren't destroyed by battle." Shiro explained as a card that shows Vortex Girl and Vortex Hero doing the same shield that they did right now is flipped. "I see well then since I can't negated since I can only activate one effect of my armor each of my turns I'll activate the counter Lumen Reverto which allows me to return 1 Divum monster from my graveyard to my hand so return Divum Lumen Angelo." Johan said as a card that shows Angelo illuminated by light while still flying to the heavens is flipped and Angelo return to his hand. "Then I'll put a card facedown and end my turn." Johan said.

"Alright then is my turn!" Sora said as he draws Vortex Armor. "Since I have exactly 2 Vortex monsters I can special summon this card, Vortex Mistress- Voltas!" Sora said as from the ground electricity appears and a level 3 woman with blue eyes long black hair dress in a one piece Black suit with black mask with 2300 ATK and 2600 DEF appears. "With Voltas all my Vortex monsters are unaffected by your spell cards, plus that's not all when I have 3 or more Vortex on my field I can Special summon this card come on out Vortex Lord- Thor!" Sora said as a level 4 tall man with blonde hair and beard wearing a golden mask with a black suit and a golden chest plate and chain vest with a hammer in hand with 2600 ATK and 2300 DEF appear and raises his hammer as electricity pours in it.

"With him once per turn if a Vortex monster will be destroy by battle or by card effect it is not destroyed. Plus now that I have 3 or more monsters as long as Vortex Paladin is on the field no counter cards on your field can be activated!" Sora explained.

"This is bad Kazu, and Shiro's decks are being locked down slowly." Dragun said.

"Now I summon my own armor, my Vortex Armor!" A level 1 light yellow armor with spikes on the shoulder part with electricity surrounding it with 0 ATK and DEF appears. "Now I use Vortex Junker and united with this armor to Synthesis Summon my one and only Thunderstorm Armor!" Sora said as a level 5 golden armor with spikes on the shoulder, in its chest plate has a hammer that is of the same color. This armor has 3000 ATK and 2100 DEF it attach to Sora and he takes the hammer of his chest and shouts. "I have the Power! Now Son to show you the power of Vortex with this by decreasing it's attack by 600 for the battle step I can do piercing damage so I'll take on your Lucky Guardian there, Hammer Of Judgment!" Sora said as his ATK goes to 2400, he charge his hammer with electricity and then slam it to the ground creating a wave of electricity that hits lucky guardian but this one maintain his shield up but Kazu and Shiro takes the damage as their HB goes to 2. "Now Thor, Voltas and Paladin take them down!" Sora said as Thor uses its hammer to hit Vortex Hero, Voltas electrocute Vortex Girl and Paladin slashes Lucky guardian destroying them in the process. "I'll put a card facedown and end my turn." Sora said and with that Junker and Vortex, armor return to his hand after Thunderstorm armor disappears.

"This is bad Shiro doesn't have any monsters left and their HB is only 2!" Dragun said.

"Kazu." Keigo said.

("Okay this is it this could be the final move I make so make it count Shiro!") "My turn!" Shiro draws Element for cards. "I activate the spell card element for cards this allows me to discard a monster and draw 2 cards." Shiro discard Element Dragonic and draw 2 cards they are Empty Handed and Future Signs. "Alright is time to step it up to the max! I summon Majestic armor in attack!" Majestic Armor appeared.

"Why would he summon his armor without monsters?!" Keigo said.

"Could it be?!" Snipe said surprise.

("I see.") Sora and Johan said smiling.

"He figured it out!" The inheritors said in surprise.

"Now I haven't use my Majestic effect yet so allow me to explain you see this boy can Synthesis Summon itself with monsters in the graveyard of course they can only be light attributes in order to do so plus they have to be 3 or more, so without further a do I'll use Vortex Hero, Vortex Girl and Element Dragonic along with Majestic Armor in order to Quad Synthesis Summon my awesome Majestic Vortex Destroyer Armor!" Shiro said as a level 5 crystal gold armor with electricity with a crystal transparent sword with 3200 ATK and 2800 DEF appears and attach to Shiro. "This is awesome! Now for my monster's effect when he's Synthesis Summon I can destroy cards on the field equal to the number of light monsters on the field!" Shiro explained. "So my first three targets out of the 9 cards I can select are." Shiro said signaling to Johan's and Sora's spell and counter zone. "Your face-downs!" Shiro said as they are destroyed by the lighting that his finger shot. "Next I'll use 2 to destroy Thor then Paladin, Voltas and finally Venus" Shiro destroyed the cards. "Now I activate the equip spell Vortex Pole." a card that a pole made of electricity appears. "With this equip card my attack increases by 400 not only that you can't activate card effect during the battle step!" Shiro explained as his attack increased to 3600.

"That's good but is still not enough to take my armor Shiro." Johan told him.

"I know that's why I put this cards facedown and activate Future Sign." Shiro said as a card that a person foreseeing something appears. "This card allows me to draw a card in advance and if it is a monster your armor loses 100 attack equal to the level of that monster so here I go!" Shiro draws and see it's a level 3 Giant Golden Guardian with 0 ATK and 2900 DEF. "I drew Golden Golem Gardna which means you lose 300 extra attack points." Johan's armor is decreased by 3700. "And for my final move I activate the spell card Empty Handed this card can only be activated if I have no cards in hand, everyone need to discard all cards in hand." Shiro explained and they discard their hand, Kazu grin, Shiro perhaps knew that he had the card or just plain luck but nerveless have given him the privilege to deliver the final blow anyway and that's what he care right now.

"Since I discarded Astonished Berserker which allows me to select one monster and increase his attack by 1000 so I choose him!" Kazu signal to Shiro as Shiro's attack increase to 4600.

("Looks like they work great as a team after all.") Johan thought and close his eyes. "That's good." Johan softly said.

("He must be thinking about the upcoming, I couldn't agreed more after all the future is now in their hands, now Shiro Kazu show us the power that a real Card Master Team is capable of.") Sora thought proudly that his son have grown from being an amateur into the greatest duelist in Skylab.

"Now Here I go Johan Majestic Vortex Slash!" Shiro said as he slashes Johan and destroys his armor destroying it and decreasing their HB to 10.

"I'll end my turn!" Shiro said.

"Time to end this." Kazu draws Astonished Fiend and shrug it because he doesn't need it anymore.

"Time to eat you completely Ultimate Bite Slash!" Kazu said and charge at them slashing them and decreasing their remaining HB.

"They did it!" Keigo said happily mostly because Kazu won.

"Now that was awesome!" Shiro said.

"It was I haven't had much fun in years." Sora replied.

"Humph." Kazu simply said.

"Oh come on Kazu you were having fun too!" Shiro said which ticks Kazu off.

"If you don't want to be bitten I suggest you shut up!" Kazu yelled angrily at Shiro.

"You got to admit you were enjoying damaging me." Johan pointed out.

"Are you saying I'm becoming like you!?" Kazu said glaring intensively which Johan put his hands in defense.

"No!" Johan quickly answered.

"Shiro!" Shiro turn to see everyone.

"That was a great duel, Shiro!" Karin said excited.

"Thanks Karin, say how about we duel!" Shiro said charismatic.

"You had a duel with the best in the world and his partner and you still want to duel?!" Dragun said to him.

"Sure!" Karin said.

"Hmm, say Mizuki how about we get a rematch of our duel, but this time Blazing wants to be part of it." Hagane said.

"Sure, why not, just tell her to keep down her powers so we don't have to end in the infirmary like our last duel." Mizuki said and Hagane laugh embarrassingly.

"Kazu!" Keigo said.

"What?" Kazu said and see Keigo with hearts in her eyes.

"Want to partner up?" Keigo said.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Kazu said a bit scared.

"Shark's afraid of a girl?" Johan said.

"Be Quiet!" Kazu yelled in reply.

"Kazu." Keigo said getting closer to him while pouting.

"Humph, fine, but don't get in my way, You! Be my opponent!" Kazu pointed at Dragun and then at Kuragami.

"Why Me?!" Dragun said but accepted after seeing Keigo's menacing eyes.

"Looks like my son has influenced a lot of people now hasn't he?" Sora said to Snipe who nodded.

"Yes." Snipe looks at Shiro and said his final words of this series. "He's one great Card Master and I have the feeling that title will last with him for a long time."

"Alright get ready to Step it up A Notch!" Shiro said as all their Deck Holders activate.


And So Card Master has ended, this is a great story and I thank all the Card master Fans that have supported me all the way, Decode9, Fierce Ookami, Van Quatra, Diegofu, and all the other fans, Thank You, now it'll be very long to write Card Master Evolution but I want the best for everyone, Also Van Quatra has made another spin-off of my series is call Card Master America or if he allows me to say this Card Master: Spirits is a story of Klyn Holden aiming to be the best in Zwei but a lot of obstacles will get in his way, with the help of his twin sister Mina, friend Carla Krane, rival Dean La-Rang along with his Gem Deck will battle to save the world. Well what else I guess I can give you for the now the list of booster packs that I have in mind so here they are.

Card Of The Week:

Majestic Vortex Destroyer Armor

Element: Light

Level: 5

ATK: 3200

DEF: 2800


Majestic armor + 3 Light element monsters

When this card is sythesis summoned; you can destroy cards on the field equal to the number of light monsters currently on the field.

Ah! Ah!

Ah! Ah!

Ah! Ah!


My world is in peril

I'm stuck in this prison…Is suffocating.

I am but a bird unlock in this cage…I want to be free

Then I look at the crystal window

And I see you…Who loves to play games.

(Ah! Ah!) I want to hold you in my hands!

(Ah! Ah!) I want to look you in your eyes!

(Ah! Ah!) I want to give you my heart, and also

I want tell you…I Love to get out of this cage and play card games with you.