Author's Note/ Important Notice:

Dear reader,

My novel is going through a major re-write and will no longer be updated here. Here is the new link to it: fictionpress-dot-com/s/2979851/1/The-Red-Rose.

I also made a trailer some time ago: youtube-dot-com/watch?v=vjneGl8ExSY (Sorry, the full link won't show up.)

I apologize for not updating this story in such a long time. I've gone through a lot of troubles with this novel. I think this is the 4th re-write I'm working on. As I've always said, I'm NOT giving up this story. I have it my mind. It's following me everywhere I go.

If you could kindly remove this version from your favourites, and follow the other link instead, I would appreciate it! I'm not going to update this anymore.

I will still leave this draft up on FP until all these chapters will be rewritten and updated at the new link.


Yours truly, Julie/Jules/Julie I. Wyatt etc. :)