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Friday. The day that I attend ballroom dance lessons. The day where I get worked up to see who I get to dance with; cute or ugly. The day where if anyone picks me, my self esteem goes up the slightest bit.

Its also the day when I realize how pretty the girls around me are…

I stand in line amongst the other girls, across the boys, with my sight on the instructors and my ears eager to listen. Unlike the other girls, I pay attention in hopes of improving my skills.

The basic steps I have down and so does everyone else, it appears. That's when one of the instructors gestures towards the girls' line and each of the boys selects a girl to dance with.

I hold my chin up with confidence and running my fingers through my light brown hair to smooth it out, something catches my eye. A boy, the same one I have had a crush on for the past year. His face was turned but the tuft of dark brown hair framing it indicated the same boy I have constantly found myself staring at. He took a quick glance over to my side of the line, making my nerves jump, then quickly turned away.

My sanguine smile falters as I realize who he is looking at: a beautiful blond, with well developed breasts, and an overall perfect hourglass. The complete opposite of myself.

One by one, every other girl was plucked from the line and guide across the gym floor flanked by a partner. Soon enough, the only people in the once long line are me and a few other girls.

A song I have never heard before blasted around the room, and I watched disappointedly as the couples began to sway. Each one of the girls had a smile upon their face and each of the boys had a satisfactory glint in their eyes. They were all having a great time.

Except for me.

Friday. The day I feel like a leftover.

I know, I know this story has no morals, she didn't find a way to get over it etc etc. That is why it is an angst fic. You may have also noticed that the bit about the 'beautiful blond' is kind of cliché or that dance classes are for learning to dance, not to socialize with cute boys, but this is really just personal reference. It is more about what the character feels when she's rejected.

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