I started down a lonely dirt path,

back when I was just a kid.

Never knew where I was heading,

but I knew I might as well walk somewhere,

even if in the end, it got me nowhere.

This new, mystical nowhere I was walking to was better than the nowhere I already knew.

The path never got wider, never got less lonely.

I fell down some, and it sorta hurt,

but not really.

I kept walking,

til' one day, found a path moving away from my path, into the unknown.

The new path was identical to my path,

except someone had drawn a heart in the dirt on the new path.

So I left my path to this new path.

I didn't want to be alone.

Not forever.

Well, this path was different.

It did change.

Some stretches, flowers grew alongside the path.

Some stretches, the dirt turned to stone

and when I fell, it hurt.


I've been walking along this path now,

and it's changed more time than years I am old.

Sometimes I want to go back to my old path,

the path that wasn't stained with my blood.

Where eveything was certain- well, mostly certain.

But there, I was lonely.

Nothing is certain here, and

I do not know but one thing-

If going down this road leads to you-

I will scrape my legs on this asphalt as many times it takes

to get to the end.