It was noon. I burst in the door, darting my eyes around looking for him. I heard clattering in the kitchen and took wide strides towards it, hastily tossing my purse somewhere by the entryway. He had just closed kitchen door when I saw him in his T-shirt and jeans.

He turned his head towards me, seeing me walk quickly towards him. He did not notice the darkness in my eyes as I cornered him and cut off his "Hey" with my lips, my hand attacking him first to jerk his face to mine. God, his lips were so soft. I had been craving them all day, dying to feel their touch again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and crushed his body against mine, feeling the bulge between his legs immediately harden against me with life. I was panting at each fast, hard kiss I subdued him with and although slow and confused at first, he quickly began to match my eagerness with his own. We were panting and groaning into each other's mouths with each desperate, sticky kiss, grinding our bodies against each other and feeling each mound and crevice with hands trembling in anticipation.

I managed to pull away for a moment to say "You're happy today," giving her a surprised but extremely pleased, breathy laugh. She stopped her lustful advances for a moment to flash me her drop dead gorgeous smile, her deep love for me filling her eyes now. "I rocked my exam today," she told me, giving me her laugh that sounded like it was tinkling and scattering into pixies, the most beautiful laugh I'd ever heard in my life. "I'm really happy. Incredibly cocky, in fact."

The way she said that, in her coy, breathless whisper, sent a shiver through me and I could not resist saying "Mmm, I love it when you're cocky." I kissed her again, resuming our advances, and she jumped up to wrap her legs around my waist. I caught her, supporting her by tucking her thighs into my arms.

How we got upstairs to our room was a blur. I remember hearing her slam the door closed while still wrapped around me and eagerly but carefully sitting down on the edge of the bed. She straddled my lap and grinded her hips against mine. I could feel my passion growing with each stroke her precious parts made against mine. I pulled her shirt off, throwing it somewhere to see her beautiful breasts cradled in that white bra that makes her look like an angel in lingerie.

I pulled off his shirt, rocking against him to feel the bulge that I wanted in me so badly. I loved seeing his naked skin, smelling his natural scent and feeling his wife beater damp with aroused sweat. I quickly made work of that too, tossing it to some corner of the room, my lips never stopping to seek his. My hands darted to his fly and stood up to whip off the belt and undo the buttons, carefully working the fly around what sought me, and shrug his legs free of his boxers and jeans, throwing them aside. I let my fingers run over his feet as I removed his socks. I bent over to kiss him again.

I had my hands smooth over her buttocks before coming to the front of her jeans. I gave one deep massage of her mound in my hand, enticing a long moan out of her, before unbuttoning and unzipping her fly. She jumped from me for a moment to kick off her sandals and whip the damn snug pants off of her, revealing her creamy colored legs and, to my surprise, black lace panties. I couldn't resist eyeing them, raising my eyebrows in pleasant surprise. She was always so fickle about wearing matching colored underwear. I only felt myself stiffen more at thought of that demon below coming out to get me.

He was too busy taking me in to notice me grab a scarf from off the floor.

And it did. I let out an "Umph!" as she tackled me to the bed. She straddled me again, grinding herself against me as she kissed me deeply, slipping her tongue against mine. I felt the curve of her lower back and came up to find the clasp to her bra. I undid it and when it slid down her arms and could go no further, she threw it across the room; I barely heard it hit one of the walls and fall to the floor. Her soft, gorgeous breasts hung full over me, her brown nipples staring right at me. I grabbed her by her upper back and sucked one into my mouth, letting my tongue explore the little crevices and nubs. I snuck a look up at her face and her head was thrown back in a moment of euphoria, her eyes closed and her lips in a round O to let out a moan. I took this moment of weakness to roll her over so I was on top. I reconnected my mouth with the same breast, kneading the other in my hands, letting the thumb flicker over the nipple. I trailed my kisses downwards, my hands following to caress and massage her stomach.

I stuck my hand against her lace-covered hip and she pulled one leg out of the panties. I kissed every now naked inch that had been covered by that lace and did the same when she pulled the other leg out. I felt the moistness on her panties as I crushed them in my hand, taking my arms to pull her thighs to me. I let my tongue slide into those folds and heard a whimper as it found her nub of pleasure. I made lingering work of her there, feeling her squirm against me and watching her throw her hands up above her head in surrender. Quickly, before she could sense what I was going to do, I slid my tongue down in one fell swoop to her sweet cave and her gasp turned into one long, drawn out moan. Her fingers dug into my hair, grasping at it and running through it, as she ground her hips against my mouth.

She sat up and pulled me under the armpits so she could kiss me, her tongue exploring my mouth to taste her own sweetness. She pushed me sideways so she could be on top and she continued to kiss me. She laced her fingers with mine over my head but when I opened my eyes and moved to roam my hands over her body, I was tugged back. My knuckles rapped against something hard and I realized she had cuffed me to the headboard with what felt like a scarf. She sat up, straddling me, flashing me a dangerous, victorious smirk. I felt a cold hunger roll through me for a moment as I tried to anticipate what she was going to do to me.

I rarely saw her this happy, so happy that she wanted to conquer the world. Whenever we made love, it was always with a deep love, a serious, endearing celebration of our love for each other. She was always submissive and admitted she was unsure of what would drive me crazy when I told her she could do whatever she wanted to me. I didn't particularly mind; she was adorable in her embarrassment and blush. But when this huntress came out, her eyes seemed to dilate with the smell of me, her prey. She attacked me mercilessly and I took every blow with a few of my own, my blood boiling at the thought of what other tactics she would employ and the heights we would both be taken to.

She kissed me, trailing her kisses to my ear. She nibbled on the lobe and ridges before blowing a hot stream of air into my ear, making me shudder; my ear is one of my most sensitive spots. Then her travels took her to my temple, behind my ear, down my neck, my pecs, my nipples, my solar plexus, stomach, until she reached her destination. She eyed me as she lowered her mouth onto the tip. I didn't see it actually happen. My eyes rolled in the back of my head as I felt the warmth and wetness of her mouth engulf me at the very tip before slowly engulfing all of me. Fuck, she was soft! I moved my hips into her mouth as she left me wet with her saliva only to slide back down and make me warm and wetter again. I was shaking as I gasped "Fuck! Baby! I'm gonna—"

"Not yet," she whispered seductively and everything hushed for a moment, my voice, my passion that was soon to peak. I calmed myself as she cupped me and suckled on me at once. I opened my eyes when her lips left, leaving a kiss on the tip. As she crawled back up towards me, her hand stroked me to pick up the work her mouth did and she kissed me on the mouth. I felt her hands cup my face to pull me in deeper and I felt the wetness of her lower lips sliding up and down my shaft. She pulled away and I sank into the softness of the pillows supporting my upper back. Her eyelids drooped over in a violent mixture of love and lust as she raised her hips over me. She lowered a little and both of us moaned as the tip of me brushed against her entrance. She looked at me dead in the eyes and commanded hoarsely, "Fuck me. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me." And as she said so, she slowly sunk onto me, burying me and engulfing me in her tight, white hot self.

She didn't have to ask me twice. Even rarer than this mistress coming out was her saying the phrase "Fuck me." It was always "Make love to me," "Come to me," "Come for me, baby." Never anything as crude as "Fuck me." Yet when she said it, when I heard her animalistic want for me, I was turned on with even more arousal than I thought I already had. And God knew I would give it to her.

I cried out as I lifted my hips to meet hers, wishing I could grip her supple hips with my hands as she rode me. She lowered herself onto me in quick pounds, slowly rising up off of me and then slamming down onto me. FUCK, she was hot! Her head was thrown back, her hair falling behind her to reveal her whole front to me. Her eyes still tried to remain in contact with mine and her eyebrows were curved in uncontainable pleasure. Her mouth was stuck open, rapid gasps coming without restraint. Every muscle was contracted, growing tighter, begging to be released. Her breasts were engorged and bouncing with every thrust. Her hands pressed into my stomach for support, clutching at me with every move.

He was coming deeper into me, finding my deepest, most sensitive parts. I felt so amazing and so full of him as I rode him and he tried to ride me. I've never felt so out of control before, wanting to subdue him with everything I got. I wouldn't have any of his tactics coming over me. This time, he would lose himself under me and I would win over him in any way I could. Until the next morning came, I would come again and again until my body could hold up no longer, until we broke me.

I went faster, harder, wanting a conquest of my own in her domination of me. Her quick gasps turned into squeals that only increased as I went faster. Her squeals got more high pitched and forcefully, she thrust onto me a few more times before letting out a drawn out, high-pitched scream. She squeezed tight around me and her walls rippled around me. I couldn't take it anymore. Now was my chance.

I wriggled my wrists out of the tight binds as fast as I could and sat up so I could kiss her and thrust into her freely, finally able to get my sweating palms on her hips. I held her to me as I thrust into her. She gasped again, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me into her. I thrust relentlessly, looking for my own release while seeing if I could get another out of her. She was pitilessly slick now and I slipped so easily in and out of her with each thrust. Soon she began to squeal again, her pitch getting rising and rising, and with that, I felt my insides squeezing and I climaxed within her, feeling my seed shooting into her. She screamed again and I felt her walls clenching around me once more, our ripples beating with each other.

She and I stayed still like that for a moment, statuesque, trying to catch our breath and letting our last moans and embers of pleasure die down. Our chests were pressed together with both of our backs arched, faces towards the sky.

I moved first. I kissed her between the breasts up to her collarbone, shoulder, neck, ear, cheek, and finally, mouth, as I held her and gently laid her down on her side so we could look at each other. Her eyes were still closed as she took deep breaths to come back down to Earth.

Finally, she opened her dazzling eyes to me and managed to give me her angelic smile and a breathy, weary version of that laugh I love so much. The angel had returned. I couldn't help smiling back and edging towards her to kiss her, a soft, tender kiss this time. Eyes closed, our lips barely parted from each other, I whispered to her "I love you."

"I love you too," she whispered back to me.

I stamped her lips with one more kiss before wrapping my arms around her and feeling her snuggle up against me and falling asleep with her in a glorious haze. Briefly, before succumbing to fatigue, I wondered if my encounter with that savage lover of mine was over. But I was reassured that I would see a trace of her again when we woke up.

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