A darkness creeping

Steals my breath

And leaves me frozen.

Your hand is warm,

Like your tears

On my cheeks

And I wish I could

Tell you,

"It's all right,"

I'd like to whisper

In your ear,

A secret,

A comfort;

"It doesn't hurt,"

But my lips can't seem

To form the words.

My arms are still

At my side, and

I'd like it if I could

Raise them,

Touch your face gently

Like I feel you doing right now.

Your tears are still falling;

"Please don't cry,"

I'm not hurting anymore,

You understand.

I'd appreciate it

If you were happy for me,

But I can't

Even click my tongue

In reprimand for your tears.

"Don't worry,"

The darkness comes,

Satisfied, for now.

"I have to go,"

It's tough, I know,

But I have faith

In you,

In us.

"I love you."

We'll be together soon.