Wait, don't go,

I wish to see your face.

My only ray of hope

In this barren, haunted place.

Wait, please stay,

I don't want to be alone.

You're the only radiant thing

This dark place has ever known.

Wait, what's happening?

I can't hold on to your hand.

You're an evanescent shadow,

A mere ghost of a whole man.

Wait, hold still,

Let me look into your eyes.

Let me help you forget your tortured past

Of bitterness and lies.

Please, don't run,

I beg you, stay with me.

I need a chance to show you

All the things that we can be.

I know that you are broken,

Don't worry, so am I.

Give me a chance to prove to you

That I'll never say goodbye.

Look, do you see that?

The tendrils of mist that obscure your face

It's fading, dissipating,

As a warm glow takes its place.

I squint my eyes at the shimmering haze

My breath hitching as I do,

Because what I see before me

Is the wonderful, reformed you.

My gaze stops on your eyes,

So beguiling and so warm,

And I know within that instant

That you're different than before.

You overcame your past,

You put your faith in me.

So now it's time for us to go

And be who we want to be.

You and I walked identical paths,

Two ghosts, one and the same.

Just trying to get through life,

And all its sick and twisted games.

But we are no longer ghosts,

And I can finally hold your hand.

So walk with me and we'll leave behind

This horrible shadowland.