Last night I dreamed
That I, among others,
Was a piece in a gigantic,
Real-life board game
To save my own life.

We met a wizard
In a red room where a fire blazed
Heavily in the fireplace.

And one of us tried to run;
He cleared the room, the house, the gate
And ran into the street

But the world was warped
And someone there had
Mickey Mouse's head
Another's face was twisted
And her straw hair was matted,
She looked like she was dying

She was crying,
Her makeup ran in little black rivers
From her eyes, down her cheeks, powder-white

Her lips were painted prostitution red
Her fishnet stockings torn

Mickey Mouse and she stumbled together

They clung together
Like they were falling -

They wanted to take the whole world down with them.

They tried to pull him in, my hasty compatriot,
But he ran
And ran

They called out to him
But their sad, tired cries
Couldn't hold him

What an education!
He learned that the world is an endless loop -

Realized he had no way out
Except to finish the game.

I don't remember what happened next
If we survived or if we lost
But when I woke
I wished I was asleep
Rather than having to face the real world
With all its' twisted faces
And Mickey Mouses.