-For You, My Friend-

This one's for you my friend,

I promised I'd be there.

So I'm telling you what I know,

To show you that I care.

I'm sorry this is happening,

But you have to admit you knew,

That she'd do something like this,

She did it to them, why not you?

You told me you never cried,

In your entire life.

Now you're near tears,

'Cause she cut you like a knife.

I cry these tears for you,

Since you can't cry your own.

She's leaving you like you left me,

Broken hearted and alone.

But there's a difference,

Between you and I.

I'm always here for you,

In times like this, I won't lie.

Even when you hurt so much,

And you won't even let me in.

I'll always stand by your side,

Eventually I'll make you grin.

It's okay to let your emotions loose,

Even if you haven't done it before.

But if you keep bottling it up,

You'll feel the hurt even more.

Just tell me the truth and how you feel,

Every emotion even if you can't explain it.

I'll help you every step of the way,

And I promise not until the end will I quit.

And don't make her worry,

'Cause I'm not a snitch.

I'll tell you what you need to know,

You know I'm not that kind of bitch.

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