Bonnie turned off the living room TV and decided to go upstairs and read. Fishing out her iPod, she picked a song and put the headphones in. By the time she got to her room, she became so engrossed in the song that she forgot all about her book.

Song after song was played on her iPod. The girl found herself dancing around and singing along to many of them. She knew this would be quite an embarrassing sight.

More songs came to mind, and she went to her computer to download them.

After a while, Bonnie felt the floor shake slightly. She looked at the clock on her computer and noticed that it was a quarter to 11:00. Her mother comes home from work right about this time, so she figured it was the door slamming.

When the downloads were complete, Bonnie laid in her bed and listened to them. She didn't need the bedroom lights, so she didn't bother to turn them on.

Eventually, Bonnie decided to get something to eat. Still wearing her headphones, she strolled down the stairs.

Upon entering the kitchen, the girl flipped the light switch.

Her mother was sitting in a chair, leaning back.

"Long day at work, huh?" Bonnie commented while pulling her headphones out.

No answer.

Bonnie shrugged and walked past her mother. She retrieved a can of Sprite from the refrigerator. Then she turned around, closing the door behind her.

Now she could properly see her mother.

Bruises covered the woman's face. Beneath her upraised chin, there was a long slit in the her neck. Blood had seeped from it down to her shirt and lap.