With my waking eyes I see you

Your lips your hair your eyes

And the breath I take that morning

Is for you with no surprise

As I walk to class and think

I look at my phone and dread

If the text message does not come

Inside I will feel dead

As I wait for a response

The clock its hands spin round

And my breathing it gets harder

And the sweat comes dripping down

If I close my eyes for a second

I see your face so clear

And I dread when they must open

Because it will disappear

This life has become one big dream

When I close my eyes and see

How we were before this mess

How we used to be

As the lead that has taken my heart

Sinks lower everyday

Knowing each day

You slip farther and farther away

The lead becomes much lighter

When I lay my head at night

Because for those few hours

I don't have to fight

I don't have to fight the real

And what has come to be

I can close my eyes and dream

And it just be you and me

Sure this may be crazy

And the reality must come

But every morning I get up

And for one second im not numb

For just one second

When the dream it still seems real

I can smile and think I love her

Till the lead I can still feel

So I walk to class with no message

And I drag on through the day

Knowing when darkness falls

I can escape away

Knowing I can see you

Even though you are not there

Gives me a reason

To keep breathing in this air