all the boys in this town

are not you.

i know, i compare them all:

you would never, but he would.

you would always,

he would never.

in the distance, i have found

some comfort knowing

i am too far away to do anything more


you hesitated, body turning

in the light of beirut.

your teeth shone

in the glare of my great-grandmother's


i hit my head on the steering wheel

and i pulled you in,

the summer heat cooled

stopped streaming down our backs

the music kept playing


the adoration i felt

was enough then to tame

all the ugly things knotted up.

only when it became not


did it make any sense

to stop giving you things

it hurt to feel


you pulled me in

that sunset when we

that parking lot where we

i stopped remembering



then i stopped remembering



you not are

town this in boys the all