I am the hunter

I have come to slay

I am the ripper

And you are my prey...

The ship slid into the docks as silent as death. Not a single wooden board on it creaked as the shadows slipped into the border of the Main Land Kingdom.

Captain Damian Bourdeaux surveyed his crew briefly. His long black coat penetrated the purity of the fog around them. "The pretty ones are the best sellers. Find some upper class women," he licked his lips with a small smirk, "The ones that will put up the most fight. Back here at sunrise."

They took off into the vast forests surrounding the castle. He strolled calmly, knowing the vast labyrinth by heart, and slipped through the foreboding walls of the castle.

Being able to walk right in on the King and Queen of the Shadow World was something that amused him. Damian walked the castle grounds like they were his own.

His whimsical stroll was halted as the gentle breeze of the night carried a sound to his pointed ears. The captain stopped and glanced towards the sound. It was accompanied by the sound of trickling water. The fountain in the courtyard was where he was destined.

Treading carefully past the bushes of blue roses he materialized into the vast garden. In its center was the babbling mass of white marble.

He stared at it, wondering for a moment where the noise came from. He might not have noticed the girl had she not started to sing. Something about the tune mesmerized him and he watched, frozen.

She was a slight girl with curly raven locks and dressed in a simple white gown. Her bare feet idly splashed water from the fountain.

Her song had no words he could understand but it spoke of sadness, death and the heart of the forest. Damian heard so much in those notes that he was frozen on the spot, listening in fascination to her siren song. His chest lurched with emotions he loathed and ached for all at once and from his lips came a suppressed gasp of pleasure.

It ended abruptly and he moved back, trying not to be seen. Her song had lured him within inches of her throat and he found himself with no time to hide.

The girl looked behind her shoulder right at him Or, rather, right through him.

He waved a pale hand before her glazed eyes and almost laughed. They were more golden than anything he had ever seen but looked like glimmering coins because of her blindness.

She looked anxiously around for a moment than stood, feeling her way around the fountain.

Damian skulked after her. The worry in her expression aroused his interest. "That was beautiful...," he purred.

"Huh!" She whirled around, hands slapping his bare chest as she fumbled.

Reaching down, he took her hand and kissed it, trying not to let his lust hiss into his sentiment. "Your song was lovely, miss. I cannot help but pay my compliments."

"I...I see," she stammered turning blood red. "Ah t-thank you, s-sir."

"My, my. So bashful," he teased.

The moon peeked from behind the clouds and illuminated the deepest regions of her eyes. How they flowed like molten gold within her irises made his decision for him. He checked his watch quickly, "Hm, six. Just enough time."

"I'm s-sorry," the girl asked. A weak gasp escaped her lips as he cupped her chin, "H-ey!"

She crumpled in his arms before another noise could escape her.

He brushed her bangs aside tenderly, pleased with his spoils of the night. Than he was gone as the sun began to kiss the land.

* * *

When Cy woke up she felt the mist of the ocean spraying against her face. "Wha-"

"Oh, you are awake. Welcome aboard the Maelstrom, my pet."

She reached out and her fingertips touched cool metal. When she tried to stretch out she found her form contained within a metal cage. "What-What are you doing! Let me out!"

Cold, cruel laughter filled the room. An icy hand cupped the crown of her head, "Never you worry, my sweet. Now, be a good girl and tell me your name."

Her eyes went wide. "You are...you are one of them, aren't you. A vamp-?"

The man laughed again, "You may know me as Captain Damian Bourdeaux. I sometimes forget how fearful you little mainlanders are of my kind."

Cy remained silent. Her mother had taught her of vampires and their rules. If they asked your name and you gave it than they were allowed to lie to you.

"Your name? And do not bother lying," the cage swayed slightly, making her nauseous, "As my affection can become quite rough."

"It's...It's Cyreina," she murmured, "Of the Royal Family."

"Ha ha, a princess are you? Oh, you must be one of Sartok's little spawns," Damian chuckled, tilting her chin to look at her, "Do not try to make me afraid by bringing up your royal lineage."

She fell silent for a long moment. Her next question was shaky, "What...are you going to do with me?"

The Captain didn't answer for a long moment.

Cy heard the metal shriek and the cage shook around her. She whimpered as he seized her from it and held her against his chest. He had no heartbeat, no warmth, and she shivered. "Please-"

"Do not worry, my sweet," he purred, lifting her up into his arms, "You and I shall be well acquainted soon."