Untangling this tangled mess.

Everything will fall into place.

The wounds will be healed; the tears will be dried,

Silence will reign, always.


Run, run, run…

Maybe one day we'll be done.

Memories will dissipate from dreams.

We'll shatter into two from one…


Broken, yet unbroken…

Silent, unspoken…

Teardrops dripping down lips curved upwards.

Feelings have woken…


The sky will be blue,

Grass will shine with a drop of dew.

My eyes will look up into the heavens.

My soul searching to find you.


My room will echo

With your voice from long ago.

Hallucinations casting your shadow everywhere.

My emptiness will start to show.


The only reply

I will hear is the sound of my own cry

As I shatter the mirror which used to be ours

Before life decided that you had to die.


My arms will learn to long,

I will learn to be strong.

Because you won't be here to wipe my tears and hold my hand,

Now that everything has gone wrong.


Sometimes I will forget

That we lost to our fate.

Sometimes I will wake up and turn to my side to search for your face.

Only to realize that I'm too late.


Sometimes I will pretend

That it didn't all end.

Sometimes I will watch that movie you liked and picture your smile

As I put my heart on mend.


Sometimes I will stare at your photo,

And in my heart I will know

That wherever you are, whoever you are, you're holding on,

You'll never let go.


As I gnaw on your favorite pickle,

The gentle breeze will tickle,

And I will feel your presence by my side; my heart will grow weak,

I will cry, I will fail.


Sometimes in a pocket of my coat,

I will find a random note

Written long back to remind me of the laundry I was supposed to do.

My eyes will devour every word you wrote.


Sometimes while mopping the floor,

I will pause at the door,

When I will spot one of the buttons that once got ripped from your favorite shirt.

I can't hold it in anymore.


Sometimes while reading a book,

I will find in a crook

A scribble in your hand-writing about some appointment,

My eyes will look and look.


Sometimes while standing in the balcony,

My heart singing a tune of melancholy,

Your face will flash in my mind, and our lives will unfold like a movie on loop,

I will close my eyes to darkness, feeling lonely.


Days will pass.

Nothing will separate us.

Death is after all just the end of the physical entity.

The feelings will continue to rush.


And maybe one day,

When I have too much to say,

The dark veil of unconsciousness will pull me in its grasp.

In death my life will find its way.


Right now, we end this game.

From now on, I will blame

Myself for everything.

Without you, nothing will ever be the same…


Untangling this tangled mess.

Everything will fall into place.

The wounds will be healed; the tears will be dried,

Silence will reign, always….

A/N: I am fortunate I never had to lose anyone this important in my life. I have never felt this way; this poem was just born out of my thoughts. Reviews are much appreciated so that I can know how I did.