Irises blink past broken kaleidoscopes
Where hills stain the colour of fairy floss
And trees are illuminated with fireglow

A devilish grin flickers
When these expired pills sprinkle like
Crushed powder between slippery fingers

And he will never sit still
Because he's the type of boy
Who tumbles your mind like ragweed

Yeah, he's the reckless boy who
Climbs into your dreams
Through the open window
And leaves pretty creases on your pillowcase

No wonder his days are mapped through constellations
And that dearly beloved treasure chest
Holds fragments of tinsel and vanilla
Where everything is in between the parenthesis
So completely and utterly intangible

But some how you seem find bliss in
That fleeting look of vulnerability
Always cast in his forget me nots

So what does it matter if
He's just a mess waiting to crash?