Today was my first day down the street
of my new home, my new town, new life.
Hands shoved in my endless pockets
of my gray hoodie while taking in the sights.
I never once thought I could live in the suburbs,
a place so laid back and open.
The city was always a crowded place,
with barely enough air to breathe.
But out here, there's nothing but sky,
filled with color and trees.
My mind always travels while I'm out.
Thinking just happens out of nowhere;
And about things I barely what to talk about.
It's almost as if I'm drowning in possibilities,
in the middle of the ocean at sundown.
Then suddenly I close and open my eyes,
and I end up falling from the sky.
Wind flying past me,
and the ground coming closer.
Straining to think clearly,
I can't with all these images and feelings.
But if a take a deep breath,
it all drowns away.
I'm back on two feet again,
still walking on that same street;
Realizing that I never left.