You know, the whole idea of Valentine's Day meant nothing to me. It only meant that all those couples got a day to celebrate or make a big deal out of their 'love' of whatever it is.

"Heidi would you please stop walking all over people's hearts?"

"You're just too funny Colton; I mean seriously, do you get paid for being this funny?" I look up to my right but I don't see him so I turn my head. I turn my head again but Colton tickle's my sides.

"Colton!" I laugh, turning around and hitting his chest.

"See, I made you laugh."

"Yeah, by tickling me. That so doesn't count."

"Whatever," He steps to my left and places a hand on my hip, "So what are your plans this weekend? V-day is coming soon."

"I don't know, sitting at home?" I say like it's painfully obvious. Does he really think that I have like a secret love or something?

"Aw come one Di, you gotta have something planned."

"Nope, I think it'll be the usual. Movies, junk food and homework." I shrug, that sounds like a perfect night to be to be honest, minus the homework. Except in my English lit class we're reading "Much Ado about Nothing" and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite books.

"I'd love to join you but…"


"I might have some plans."

I chuckle, "Babe, I never asked you to hang out with me."

"Right, well I didn't ask if I could join you."

"You never do."

He smiles and gives me a 'what can I say' look. Usually if Colton wants to hang out he doesn't ask or even tells me, he just shows up. He was a constant date crasher.

"So who's you're special someone?" I ask as we make a turn through the hallway. It's one of the things I love about walking with Colton; everyone gets out of his way.

"She's great, beautiful, funny, witty, adorable, smart-"

"So she's like perfect?" I finish for him.

"Yeah, so perfect. She doesn't care about what people think, she's outgoing and ugh! Even with her hair up, no makeup on and in sweats she still looks perfect. But the thing is she doesn't know that she's my valentine." He looks into my eyes and I look into his. Aw his sad puppy eyes are too cute.

"Why don't you tell her then?" I suggest, grabbing the crook of his arm to lead him towards my class. If Colton had it his way we'd wonder through the hallways and never get to class.

"Because I'm not good at telling her things. I usually just…not tell her."

"What. You weirdo just toughen up and tell her." I lightly punch his arm.

"Toughen up?" He looks at me amused.

"Yeah," I give him a challenging look.

"Fine." He states, "I will…So how was your day?"

"What?" I laugh.

"How was your day?! What don't you get?" His voice gets a bit higher and I laugh.

"Sorry, I just didn't expect it."

"I always ask how your day went though." He gives a knowing look. I wrinkle my nose and he copies me but in a funny mocking way. I furrow my brows and he puts a finger between my eyebrows.

"Hey," I warn.

He just laughs and puts his arm around my shoulders.

I've known Colton for…long enough and he's always been…complicated. He's rich as fuck but he's not spoiled, you wouldn't even know he was totally loaded if you never went to his house. He isn't and hasn't ever been a brat nor does he buy expensive things. I'm pretty sure he barely looks into mirrors because he doesn't give a flying fuck about how he looks.

Maybe that's what makes him so much more attractive to girls. Because well he is attractive but it's that confidence that automatically makes anyone hotter, ya'know?

Sometimes when I go running and I pass his house he's usually laying in the grass with blood on him.

Did I mention that he's dangerous? Like he runs into doors and walls on an hourly basis and constantly trips and falls. He thinks it's funny. The fact that he also likes to skate doesn't help him either.

"Heeeey boo." Jodie greets, "Guess what? I was walking down the hallway and Peter was behind me so I decided to do a cute hair flip right? Well my hair was caught under my backpack and I totally ripped out a chunk of my hair." She frowns rubbing her head.

I burst out laughing.


"Shut up!" She sounds just like a valley girl, "But anyway if you're ever around Peter just like…close your eyes."

"What! Jode, I'd fall down or run into someone."

"Yah but he loves green eyes! And since I totally made myself look like an idiot I need to higher my chances with him! My brown eyes so won't attract him."

"Yeah, the chunks of hair falling out of your head will attract him." I reply sarcastically, "Don't worry J, he's not interested in me at all nor will he ever be."

"Not if Colton is there, ugh! Colton has green eyes too! What if Peter likes his eyes better than mine?"

"Peter isn't gay sweetie."

"You never know, remember how Colton turned that one guy gay?"

"How could I forget? He stuck to me like glue those two weeks. I swore I almost died."

Jodie and I laugh as we pick out the grass on her front lawn. Our homework is scattered around the ground and empty Sprite and Arizona green tea bottles are around us.

Jodie scoffs, "Right, that just gave him a reason to be around you more. You know he loves you."

"Of course he does," I laugh.

"No I mean, love love."

"Hah! Right, Colton Frasier doesn't love me."

"You're just blind. I think you need a stronger prescription for your contacts sweetie."

"No my prescription is just fine." I wave off, "Anyway he said he's got a girl in mind anyway. Making your argument invalid."

"Did he say who it was?" She gives me a 'bitch please' look and I just roll my eyes.

"No, but-"

"But nothing. YOUR argument is invalid. Bitch looks who's talkin' now."

"Um me. I'll prove it to you."

"Okay, sure." She responds disbelievingly.

"No, seriously, I will!"

"Haven't you noticed that he's all touchy feel-y around you?"

"He's like that around everyone." I retort.

"The way he willing to do anything for you?"


"Or the way he butts in whenever you're flirting with someone?"

"He butts in whether I'm flirting or not."

"I need to pee." I try to change the subject.

"He always touches you."

"Don't you need to pee?"

"You know he smells you."

"This grass is nice did Robert cut the grass?"

"He stares at you all the time."

"How is Robert doing? I haven't seen your dad in a while."

"Heidi, just give it up!" Jodie falls back onto the grass and wiggles around.

"Hey Heidi." Colton grins as he strolls our way.

Colton and Jodie lives pretty close to each other. Colt pretty much had me living at his and Jodie's house those two weeks Michael Johnson, the star basketball player, turned gay for him. I was there when Michael confessed his love, he said that he just 'adored the way his dirty blonde locks would look perfect no matter what' and how 'his green eyes always lit up' at least he said things like that.

"Hey Colt," I look over at Jodie and she gives me that 'I told you so' look.

"Hey Colton."

"Oh hey Jodie. So seeing as Valentine's day is Monday I was wondering if you're doing anything Sunday Hei? I need your help to plan out my surprise for my girl."

"Awww, you're girl," I coo glaring at Jodie. I was totally right, bitch! "But I think I have to work."


"Nope, I'm staying home and chilling."

"Well I'm come over then."

"I don't think so." I correct him, "You'll totally ruin my relaxation."

"Good- so I'll be over anytime Saturday. Get yo' scheming hat on babe." He winks.

"Whatever then…wait I thought you were going to hand out with your girl this weekend?"

"I said I might. Plus I will be."

"I mean I guess I wouldn't mind helping you." I say a bit annoyed in a joking manner.

"Don't worry, BB it'll all be worth it." He walks over and kisses the top of my head, "See ya'll later."

"Bye." We say and wave to him.

"So?" I say to Jodie.

"Okay, he's confusing. He could-"

"Just chill Jode, we'll see who he really likes once Monday comes around."

"Fine. We will then."

Colton calls me BB which is a nickname for Bleach Blonde, which is a nickname for me. I was born with naturally obscenely white/blond hair. My older sister loves my hair colors because she says that she can totally work on my makeup. She's going to school for cosmetology and she's constantly saying how my light skin and hair is a perfect canvas for her paint.

Colton and my older brother always laugh at her. Colton and my older brother Brantley have been really good friends ever since that gay incident.

I'm the baby of my family and Colton says that's why I'm his baby.

Sometimes I think he does have feelings for me but then I think why would he like me?

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