(Part 1)

Stationary Thought, Wandering Mind

Sitting under a tree, my mind begins to wander

A path I envision, this world I ponder

I create the grass below my feet and trees by my sides

A glistening lake to my left that the foliage hides

The sun above, with not a cloud in sight

And I begin to walk, without a thought to fight

A bird can be seen sitting in a tree

It seems to sing a song specifically for me

So I sit on the path and observe this for awhile

Then a stillness occurs and I begin to smile

In these thoughts I close my eyes, beginning to drift

The sense of freedom, my thoughts seem to lift

They soar to the clouds, and bask in the sun

Then suddenly disperse, Thought and I are one

A city grows around me, from my previous creation

Buildings short and tall in this uncontrolled fabrication

The people, they come too, with their stead fast preoccupation

With their missions so important, they forget their own elation

"Who are we, where are we, why are we here?"

My mind cries out for solace, how is stillness now a fear

Again I glance around as the city turns to ash

Cement turns to earth, but the people, they still last

Confusion is instilled, as they look around so fast

Wheres their appointments so required, what is this contrast

"How can no one here be calm, relax and take it in?

Who cares if there's no city, for there's a universe within"

The ground then starts to shake and the citizens collapse

And architecture returns, with out a second to elapse

Monuments of old, as if the universe relapsed

Once again the people worked, finding tasks without a lapse

"Calm down you all," I plead, "take this moment in and breathe"

"You need not these constant missions, they need time to be sheathed!"

At once they all stood still, noticing now that I exist

Questioning not what I had said, but only understanding the gist

"You need not focus your abstraction, but your abstraction will assist

The quest for inner sanction." And with that they turned to mist

"Who am I, where am I, why am I here?"

My mind cries out for solace, my eyes begin to tear.


(Part 2)

Quivering Surface Distorting the Image

The tear that once rolled down my cheek, now falls slowly down

My body loses shape, and my consciousness its ground

I become, no, always was, this tiny water bead

My being I thought reduced, now truly has been freed

Falling ever further, I contemplate this predicament

Then suddenly hit surface, my consciousness segments

And across this oceans skin, my mind is displaced

Knowing not who I am, I know only of my face

The starting point of me, false advertising its true

But now I'm shattered on the sea, wondering what I once knew

Am I the body I inhabit, or the thoughts that I think

That can't be me, I must dwell elsewhere, what is this missing link

For if I lose my legs to cancer, my mind to delirium

Am I still not me, even with my senses numb

A wave begins to form, as my thoughts progress

And I smash against the shore, leaving only my distress

For am I greater then I know, or something far less

Who is this me, whose eyes I share and whose body I do dress

"I know not of who I am," and with that comes in the tide

Affected by the gravity of the moon from which I hide

I try my best to fight, this unbearable lunar sway

That the moon has upon me, each and every day

But with every thought and motion, my intents start to stray

And the tidal waves grow larger, and my consciousness does fray

"Why is it, now so hard, to focus and to think?"

And with that revelation the waves begin to shrink

For the inability to answer, left my mind so clean

My thoughts began to simmer, and the waves became less mean

Each moment in this stillness, less waves can be seen

Beauty left untarnished, myself less obscene

"So I am now, the absence of thought, and body just the same?

Is this what I really am, the me beyond my name?"

Then all at once, there was no motion

From shore to shore, across my ocean

And the surface of my being, stood still at this notion

That who I am is beyond all, the body, thought and emotion

"I know of who I am," and with that came the tide

But the moon no longer affected me, no matter how it tried.


(Part 3)


So, as I gazed upon, the entirety of me

I saw much more then I believed, could ever, ever be

I looked through my surface, now with no waves to distort

The image that resided, below all I would once support

"For the body is a suit, and thoughts are our words

And emotions are our drive to fly high up with the birds

For none of these create us, they simply are our tools

And useful as they are, we must learn all their rules

They must all be used when needed, and put away when not

Or the lives we each build, will crumble as we plot

And for truth within this world, I see only illusion

A truth cannot be true, if by one it stirs confusion

So the only thing that seems to be, permeating bliss

Is the absolute truth, which in honesty is this..."