Dream Guy

I've never told anybody this but when I was a little girl I always used to dream about the Prince Charming who would rescue me from a tower and who would sweep me off my feet and take me away into the sunset on his white horse. Now that I'm older I don't think about Cinderella's Ball or beautiful flowered dresses or magical fairy tale endings.

I dream about the perfectly imperfect guy who will always take care of me no matter what and who makes me feel special and can show what being in love is instead of just saying it and who tears down the walls I put up every time things get bad and who is honest about anything and everything who moves the hair away from my face before he kisses me and who holds my hand and who calls me beautiful and who lets me lay next to him with my head on his chest and who knows what to say to make me smile even when I'm bawling my eyes out and who wipes away the tears and tells me it's okay.

I dream of a guy who will beat the crap out of someone if they ever tried to hurt me and who throws stuffed animals at me when i act dumb and then wraps his arms around me and kisses me until I say I forgive him and who does stupid things just to make me laugh and who dances like nobody is watching and surprises me by calling when he's already standing on my front porch and who isn't afraid to get rough and wrestle and fight with me when I need something fun to do but knows when to just pull me close and be that solid thing that I can hold onto when I feel like I'm going to disappear off the face of the Earth.

I dream of a guy who puts his arms around my waist and gives me big bear hugs before he leaves and who kisses my forehead and who sends me sweet text messages and who takes pictures with me and who tickles me until I can't breathe and sings love songs to me and who thinks I look sexy in jeans and T-shirts and who doesn't just think about what he can get from me in a relationship but just wants to love me for as long as he lives.

I dream of a guy who picks up on little things about me that nobody else does like the fact that I never wear shoes or that I have hazel eyes or that I don't like spicy food and that I prefer Dr. Pepper to Coke and that I'm scared of heights or that I love animals and that I want to go to college and be a teacher and who remembers and likes those little things because they are what make me who I am.

I dream of a guy who can say something mean and make me pissed off at him, but then an hour later do something completely amazing to forget what it was and who says he's sorry when he hurts my feelings and who talks things out with me instead of walking away every time he gets angry and who I just can't stay mad at because one mistake is just not worth losing him over.

I dream of a guy who will sit on the floor beside me and who lays with me outside on the cool grass and who plays in the rain with me and who tries to teach me how to fight but we just end up laughing at each other and who enjoys looking at pictures of me when I was little and who laughs at the crazy things I do and who runs his fingers through my hair even when it's messy and who isn't afraid to call me baby or say, "I love you" in front of his family and who likes the music and T.V shows that I like and who knows what I'm going to say before I say it and who can look at me in the eyes and know what I'm upset about something even when I don't tell him.

I dream of a guy who will call me on the phone and talk to me until I fall asleep and who will text me midnight on my birthday and tells me every day how much he loves and cares for me. I dream of a guy who puts up with all my crap and who wouldn't hurt me for anything in the world and who shows me that there is more to love than what I grew up with and who shows me that maybe there really is such a thing as a happily ever after.

Then you came into my life and made it come true.


Wow... this seemed so much longer when I was typing it...

-Broken Angel