I'm battling you,

Once again,

Just like that time,

When I stole your shoe.

We are the best friends,

We're together till the end.

And even if we're broken,

Together, it'll mend.

But now we are fighting,

And for real this time.

My love for you,

Is the size of a dime.

I reach for the knife,

That'll slit your throat.

And you give me a look,

Like you're about to bloat.

I feel the guilt,

As I stare down at you,

You in your coffin,

Whom I stole your shoe.

I made you frown,

I made you cry,

And worst of all,

I made you die.

I look at your face,

All soft and sweet,

Half gone from your shoulders,

Half gone from your feet.

Your eyes closed so sweet,

Your eyelashes still,

I made my decision,

And went for the kill.

I reach for my knife,

And say to myself,

"I'll do this because,

I'll go to hell."