Keep on avoiding.

Just pretend like I don't understand.

You think you are so smart,

That you even have it planned.

You talk so casually,

Thinking no one will know.

You think you can hide it,

But you smart-ass comments still show.

I let it pass,

Because you are special.

You are the one, who I love,

And to me, at least, that's crucial.

Just keep on avoiding.

The questions I ask,

Keeping yourself busy,

Even with a ridiculous task.

To you all this is a game.

The one who wins,

Is the strongest friend.

So, the game begins.

You're running out of time.

Running out of excuses.

Sooner or later you have to answer.

And then we'll see who loses.

In due time,

Your secrets will unravel.

Like a hero,

Who defeats all evil.

Till then,

I will just wait.

Then you will hear me say,