Innocence No Longer

When I close my eyes to this world,
and my present goes dark,
I'll remember the past when
sunshine lit up my days.
And the world was just naive enough
for a hopeless romantic lost in a tide
of cynical wit to find her way
to the fleeting dream she
always wished for.

When I hear music,
I'll tune out the background
until all I hear is white noise.
And I'll reminisce when our lives
were one big never-ending holiday.
And you and I were always
making the most of the times,
and laughing about how the future
was so clear, just a second away.

And if ever my closed eyes rained tears,
I would remember your voice
like it was yesterday,
telling me sweet everythings I held onto
to save me from drowning.

And if ever I feel suffocation
grip me by my neck
and start to paralyze my lungs,
I will picture your face in my head,
during a time when we both
innocently believed in
wishing on falling stars and
that dreams really did come true.
And that faith really would save your life.