There were no flaws in your armor.
No missing links or misplaced
metal. Your helmet lie
on your head, nestled above
your ears, so unresponsive to
my pleading.

And I beg, but you remain
indifferent. Eyes set straight
ahead unblinking.
The brightest shade of blue
now so dull and resigned.

Unseeing to my hands,
clasped in front of me to you.
Your own hands fisted by your side.
White knuckled from your
tense grip, faintly I can see
the thin golden band circling
your finger.

The ring that used
To sparkle in the gleaming of the
sun's rays. Now looking so
unpolished and uncared for
next to your pale complexion.

My heart beats restlessly
as I try to make you reconsider.

But your heart is blocked off,
your decision final, as you walk
away from me. From us,
not willing to give in to your pride.
Halfheartedly thinking—no, knowing,
you're doing the right thing.

Until you realize the mistake
you are making, the wrong
that you are committing,
I will be here. Unloved
And under a burden,
As you leave,