Sandy was searching the internet for a birthday present to give her son. Eventually, she found a website that sold stuffed animals.

The woman decided to buy one of the toys for her infant. After a while, she chose a small shaggy dog. She charged it to her credit card and was noted that she would receive it within a week.

When the package was dropped off, Sandy opened it. The toy had very soft, white fur. She was amazed at how real the shaggy dog felt. After throwing the box out, she carried it to her son's room.

Donnie was in his crib, wearing red footed pajamas. He was awake, drinking from his bottle.

Sandy sat the stuffed animal beside him. The boy reached out and began to play with it. He seemed to love the dog toy.

The next morning, when Sandy went to get Donnie for breakfast, he was nowhere to be found! The distraught woman and her husband searched the house, but couldn't find their baby. Even when they alerted the police, there was no sign of him.

Several months later, a mother named Molly came across a website. This website offered stuffed baby dolls. The front page displayed a boy doll wearing red footed pajamas.