C H A P T E R: O N E

"Fuck you,"

Now normally, I was a really nice girl. I did my homework religiously; I listened to people who needed to whine about their silly little problems. Hell, I even prayed if I could remember to. So please don't think that I was some random whore who had the mouth of a sailor. I wasn't.

"Now if you'd wanted that Jaden all you had to do was ask," He replied smarmily, his hands now grasping my waist. I smacked them away viciously before giving him what I hoped to be the glare of death. No, really. I hoped he died from it.

"Bullshit Kahue," I hissed. "I heard you talking just now about Chloe like she's some whore, get over yourself."

Kahue sighed, as if I was doing him some great misdeed when in fact I was setting him straight for talking smack about my best friend. Kahue just brought out the worst in me sometimes.

"Now Jay," He replied condescendingly and I had to resist the urge to slap that smirk off his damned face. "We both know Chloe isn't exactly…strict when it comes to those things."

"Shut the fuck up Kahue," I bit angrily. "I'm warning you!"

"And what exactly are you going to do to me?" He teased. "Hit me with your book?"

I scowled at his jab to my book-worm tendencies. So what if I could successfully read two three-hundred page novels in one day? He was just jealous because he couldn't string a damn sentence together.

"I'll do more than just butcher you with a book," I warned him. "So shut your mouth and get your head out of your ass for once."

"Face it Jay, you're just jealous you weren't the one I chose to fuck,"

Oh that was it. I grabbed the tie that dangled from around his neck ferociously, pulling his face down to meet mine. Just to level the playing fields a little, it was his damn fault for being so tall anyway. I smirked a bit as I saw him struggling to breathe. I wasn't going to suffocate him or anything, but it sure was fun to watch him squirm.

"Now listen up man whore," I said slowly, enunciating each word so as to make sure he understood me clearly. "You will never speak of my best friend again, or any of my friends for that matter. In fact, if you so much as glance in their direction your balls are my property. You got that?"

When he didn't reply I pulled on the tie tighter.

"Y-yes," He got out before I let go. Dusting of my hands I gave him a cheery wave before ambling down the hall towards my small group of friends who eyed me warily.

"You crazy bitch!" I heard him call after me and I gave him the bird without even bothering to turn around. All in a day's work really.

"What on earth was that about?" Meagan asked as I came to stop in front of the five girls who were all looking at me with slight distaste. They didn't exactly approve of the way I dealt with things. Not my problem, clearly it was effective.

"Never you mind about that," I responded airily, and, hopefully, with a bit of mystery as well. By the dubious glances I was receiving however, it was probably safe to say that I hadn't pulled it off as successfully as I had wanted to.

"You can't just go around injuring people, Jaden," Joey sighed, running a hand through her long, curly brown hair. Joey was the moral compass of the group. "One of these days you'll get your ass kicked because you attacked the wrong person."

"I'm not going to hit someone twice my size Joe," I scoffed. "And you can hardly call man whore over there a threat."

Both Leah and Cleo muttered their agreement, but then again, the twins and I tended to see eye to eye about everything. We usually joked around that I was the missing third to their triplet trio. The only person who had yet to voice their opinion was Chloe who was gazing moodily at Kahue who had now taken to complaining loudly to his friends.

"What's up Chloe?" I nudged the small girl gently. "Aren't you going to thank me for defending your honour and all that jazz?"

Her baby blues fixed me with the deadliest glare I had received from her in a while. What on earth…?

"What made you think it needed defending Jaden?" She bit lowly and my eyebrows rose in confusion.

"Chloe…he was calling you a skank," I replied shocked. "Why wouldn't I—"

"You need to fucking mind your own business for once!" She shrieked at me before stalking away from the group. Meagan and Joey glanced at each other knowingly before dashing off after their friend. They were always Chloe's right hand people, not that it bothered me, but it was a well known fact that if anyone knew what this crazy shit was about, it'd be them.

"So…" I mumbled. "What was that about?"

"Chloe sorta likes Kahue," Leah shrugged, flipping her silky black hair behind her shoulder. "Everyone knew that."

"What?" I exclaimed.

"OK, everyone except you apparently," She corrected herself. "So she was sort of stoked that they'd actually you know. She thought it meant something or whatever."

"She…she likes Kahue?" I repeated, hoping, no praying that I had heard her wrong. "The guy that basically slept with every girl in our school?"

"Yup," Cleo replied, emphasizing the 'p' as always. "She is head over heels for that boy and you basically beat the shit out of him so he'll probably never look her way again in the fear of getting castrated."

"Not to mention she must be crazy jealous," Leah commented and Cleo hummed appreciatively.

"Ah, that's true too," Cleo agreed. I nearly choked.

"J-jealous?" I questioned. "Jealous of what exactly?"

"Face it Jaden, you were all over Kahue just now," Cleo pointed out. "All over him."

"Yeah, what was with that tie thing by the way?" Leah cut in. "We swore you were about to kiss him or something equally atrocious."

"Kiss Kahue?"I gagged. "Never. I was just choking to bastard."

"It sure didn't look like that to me," Leah said.

"Or me, for that matter," Cleo nodded. "If anything I'd say you were into him. That was total flirtation right there."

"Telling a guy to fuck of constitutes as flirting now?" I groaned in frustration. "What the hell. I was not flirting with Kahue. I mean, come on. Kahue of all people, really?"

"He is kind of hot," Cleo shrugged. "In that I'd-screw-anyone-fuck-me-now sort of way."

"What are you talking about?" Leah disagreed. "He's dirty. Probably has all kinds of diseases up in his system."

"Can't argue with that," I consented. "But really, I don't see Kahue as anything other than a dirty douche bag that needs to be fixed like a dog, and fast."

"Really Jaden?" Cleo asked suspiciously.

"Really?" Leah repeated.

"Yes!" I exclaimed. "Gosh! Why are you two pulling the good-cop, bad-cop act on me now?"

"I say we raise a little bet," Cleo continued, ignoring my peeved comment. I blanched. Of the two, Cleo was the devious one, although it was a very close race. Her bets were legendary.

"What do you have in mind dear sister of mine," Leah said playfully, arms crossed in front her chest.

"Well, since Jaden seems so confident in herself and that she won't fall for the player's charms, which I totally disagree with by the way," I roll my eyes. "I bet twenty dollars that by the end of winter break not only will Jaden be madly in love with Kahue, but he'll have gotten in her pants as well."

"Cleo," Leah paused. "This is Jaden we're talking about."

I knew she was taking a jab at my current virgin-status but I really didn't care.

"I know," Cleo smiled. "But I'm just that certain I'm right."

"This is stupid." I scoffed. "I'm so not doing this."

"Scared to lose?" Cleo teased. "You seemed really cocky a few moments ago."

"Bitch," I bit playfully. "Fine, you're on. Twenty dollars, end of winter break. You'd better get that cash ready Cleo, I want it warm in my hands."

It was only as I glanced into Cleo's glittering grey eyes, filled with amusement that I realized that I had stupidly fallen into her trap. It only takes one stupid thing to set everything in motion.