The next day, school was okay until I got to orchestra. He was sitting there with his cello looking depressed. His hair was in his eyes, so it was more his body language that gave it away. I sat down next to him and put my flute together. Then, it got a little awkward. We normally talk in the minutes leading into main rehearsal time, but this time we were silent. I think other people were beginning to notice. I really needed to break the silence. Silence isn't my forte.

"Um… Hey, Christian!" I said faking a sunny disposition.

Christian merely shifted his head toward me, I couldn't see his eyes so, I have no idea what he looked at, then went back to tuning his cello. I knew that this would get uncomfortable, so after warming up and running through the flute part in some Handel song once, I asked to go to the bathroom.

Needless to say, I didn't go to the bathroom. I wandered the halls aimlessly, then settled in a staircase fairly close to the music rooms. I leaned against a wall and started listening to my ipod. It was a pretty song that had a ridiculous piccolo part that I wouldn't get right in my dreams. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the notes, to see if I could figure out how to play part of it.

"I was looking for you." I looked up to see Christian coming down the stairs. (which is kind of amusing because orchestra's downstairs)

"Uh…" I said looking at him while removing the my earbuds, "About the other day…"

He walked up close to me and said, "I don't know what you said, but I think it upset you that I didn't hear it. I have an idea as to what it was, though. If I'm wrong, just forget this happened."

"Forget what ha-" He softly covered my lips with his. I closed my eyes and melted into the kiss, but he pulled away all too soon.

"Was it… something like that?" he asked looking away, his face lightly blushing.

Rather than respond, I reached up, turned his face back toward me and kissed him passionately, threading my fingers through his hair. His arms slowly wrapped around me and held me gently. As the kiss grew hotter, the arms pulled me closer and one hand ventured lower. I wanted to just enjoy it, but I groaned and pulled out of the kiss. Christian's face was flushed and his lips were red.

"…sorry…" he said panting.

"No… it's okay."

"How long have you felt this way?" he asked me, holding me a little tighter.

I thought about it for a minute before answering.

"During the summer after 5th grade… I had a dream. It was about us getting married. I was wearing a puffy, baby pink gown. And you were wearing a minimalist black dress. I thought we looked cute... Pink and black make an amazing combination." I paused while I giggled. He smiled at me. Then, I plunged back into my tale.

"In, maybe, 7th maybe 6th grade, I decided that I actually liked you, but that left the problem of us both being girls. When we were kind of distant because of different classes, other than ballet, the only thing I thought about was us. How it would work. If you'd like me. If there were other people who were like me that liked the same sex. My parents, as you know, are like yours. I was kept away from anything that was anywhere near not normal to them. That meant no Twilight (even though it's a classic), no Dragon Quest XXV, no Naruto, and, by all means, no Sailor Moon. But, I like all of those things, and I found out after I broke away from what they said was right. So... I… decided I didn't care and I was going to tell you how I felt, but then uh… you told me first." I stopped, because he kissed my cheek, probably anticipating what I was going to say.

"At first I was upset because it had taken me so much brain power to decide to break away and then it was pointless, but then I realized: you were a guy. That made it more likely that you'd like me. At least... that was my thinking. Then you started playing with my heart. Saying things like, 'why don't you have a boyfriend?' or 'don't you think that chick over there is hot?' or 'i bet you love me' or... you get the idea" I cut off my list of quotes when I saw him looking uncomfortable. "Anyway, I finally had had enough and went off on you." I ended my story by resting my head on his shoulder.


"No. I lied." I said sarcastically, "Really, I just thought you looked smexy with your hot emo haircut."

"You don't like my haircut?" he exclaimed feigning shock.

"Not the point."

He chuckled before squeezing me tight then letting me go. "Come on, let's go back to out instruments. They're probably lonely." I went with him to orchestra. We held hands all the way there.

A few days later, there was no advancement. Neither of us talked about it, even though it hung in the air between us whenever we were together. I wanted to talk about it, but as I said, there was no advancement.

However, there was this new kid in class. He sat at an empty desk in our cluster in math. He stared at Christian the entire class. Christian was clearly uncomfortable and I was a little jealous.

"You're really hot." the guy said towards the end of class.

"Uh... I don't swing that way." Christian said uneasily.

"What? So you're a lesbian?" the guy asked.

"What?" Christian asked, confused.

"You're a girl, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not."

The guy looked at him for a minute before nodding his head.

"Yeah, you are."

My jaw dropped. What the hell was this guy's problem?

Christian was seething.

"I'm not a girl."

"Believe me, I know a chick when I see one. I don't know why you're trying to hi-"

"I'm not a fucking girl!" he said raising his voice.

"Yes, you a-"

"Hey. Shut up." I said, deciding to step in.

"I don't need you to fight my battles for me, Kei!" Christian yelled at me.

"But... you're a girl, aren't you?" the guy asked.

"This is pointless. I'm outta here." Christian said, grabbing his backpack while walking out the door.

I muttered an expletive under my breath then told the teacher that we'd be right back. I entered the hallway to see Christian turn a corner. I chased after him. He was pacing back and forth, his backpack on the ground, when I caught up.


"You're lucky."


"You don't have to worry about which restroom to use -and which one won't get you reported to management."


"You don't look weird buying tampons."


"You don't have to worry about your crush not liking you back because you're transgender." he said looking at me.

I looked at him surprised.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You don't like me, do you?" he clarified.

"Aren't we passed this?" I asked him.

"What do you mean?" he asked me.

"My reaction the other day wasn't clear?"

"But you never said anything afterwards..."he said uncertainly.

"Because you're the guy, Christian. I'm not gonna ask you out -not that I couldn't. I just would be scared to." I replied.

Christian looked at me dumbstruck.

"You want... to go out with me?"

"No, Christian, that hot kiss was just a fluke." I said sarcastically.

"Hey. I'm being serious."

"Yes, Christian, I want to go out with you." I said rolling my eyes.

He pulled me into a hug and kissed the top of my head.

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