You let go of my hand,

And I feel so alone.

You give me a look,

And my heart turns to stone.

"I love you no longer,

I'll see you no more."

And left to far yonder,

As you walked through the door.

Inside there was chaos,

Inside there was grief.

I gave you my love,

Which you took like a thief.

I remember the times,

When you blew my mind,

When you touched my hand,

With yours strong and kind.

These thoughts flood my head,

And run through my brain,

I wish I were dead,

I just can't bear the pain.

I stood by your side,

With your hand in mine,

Who'd have known love,

Dissipates such in time.

I feel the tears coming,

And I also remember,

I thought about loving,

And made you surrender.

You may not have loved me,

But had a sweet face.

A tear on my tee,

I'm in such a dark place.

Should I crawl myself out?

Or bury so deeper,

In order to hide,

From some romance Grim Reaper?

Shall I get me some help?

Or cower in fear?

And forgot about those,

Whom I think so dear?

These thoughts cross my mind,

But I've made my decision,

The light makes me blind,

But I've found my position.