Green-haired Monster
By "Notyourcookies" (MyCookiesNotYours)

Chapter-1: Can't get it up.

"Just because I can't get it up, doesn't mean I'm incompetent!" a green-haired boy yelled, groaning. He was completely infuriated by his situation and the fact that he was incompetent. But, honestly it wasn't his fault, and the hole was so small, he couldn't actually be expected to fit that in there.

"Of course it does, Toby," the other boy grunted. "You need to work, 'cause I can't do it all." It was quite obvious that this other boy was mad with him.

"Well, sure you can, Jada. You're surely buff."

"No. I mean, I know. I mean, no I'm not." He mumbled, "And now it won't fit. Push it in harder, man. Otherwise you're not gonna get it in." Jada grunted again, and scoffed at Toby.

"Of course it's not gonna fit. This is way too big for that puny entrance," Toby complained, making sure Jada was completely aware of things. "And fine, you're not manly. You're a scrawny little bitch. Too scrawny and small, none of it is working out."

"Whatever. You know what? Just get off me!" Jada said and shoved Toby. When Toby was shoved, he slipped and let go of the package he was holding onto. This freaked Jada out, so he dropped what he was holding and fell onto the ground. As the two dropped, the package dropped as well and spilled all over.

"Now look what you did, moron!" Toby had a completely disgusted look on his face. "You… You're cleaning that up, 'cause I'm not cleaning that up. You are."

Tomatoes. Toby was, firstly, disgusted by them, and secondly, allergic to them. This was along with just about half the other ingredients in these jars, as well, so it didn't really matter whether it was the tomatoes or not. The big box that they were trying to haul up into the back storage area at the local grocery mart was full of tomato by-products. When they all fell, the jars inside the box fell, it spilled the jars, and they clanked against each other, causing many to burst open.

Toby got up, covered his nose, brushed off his QFC uniform, and stormed out to the commercial area of the store. He put a smile on his face because he was now with the customers. He wandered toward the front counters, the checkout stations, and took place of another check-stand clerk.

"Hey, Christopher," he said, patting the clerk on the back. "I'll take over." He smiled to the next customers, and took Christopher' place behind the counter. "Uh, you're coming back later, right? I can't get a ride with Jada anymore…" Christopher was done talking to him, even though Toby wasn't. He brushed it off and continued working.

Christopher took Toby's place in the back for about thirty minutes, as he somehow knew that Toby had made some sort of a mess back there. "Hey there," he began. "Guys have fun back here? It sure looks like it." He chuckled shyly and rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah. It was a blast," Jada droned. "The biggest problem is he's the biggest ass I've ever met. And always toying."

"I know. But don't blame him. He's kinda… woo-hoo, y'know?" Christopher twirled his finger beside his head and, for some reason, was defending Toby and it confused Jada as to why he would do that.

"I know. I know! He's just too difficult to deal with. You know that!" Jada wanted to "make fun" of Toby, but knowing what he actually knew about Toby.

"He's my brother, so be careful man. I will have to beat you if you get too cocky with your words," Christopher joked as he mopped up the tomato salsa/sauce/juice/etc. from the floor. "I get what you're saying. I grew up with him, after all."

"I know that, too. I just… You know. Never mind." What could Jada even say about Toby to his brother? It wasn't as if Christopher was Jada's brother, because then that would be okay. But the simple fact was that he was complaining about a boy to that boy's big brother. What exactly was he supposed to do anyway? The best way was to get (as close) to the problem as possibly.

Jada walked off after they cleaned up the mess and Christopher headed back up front. Jada had the rest of the jars inside the box in his hands. The fact that those jars broke was good because he could finally carry it. This box was covered in those tomato by-products, so it wasn't as if Toby could have even helped at that point.

"He just needs to learn," Jada grumbled, not understanding completely that Toby was just stupid. Stupid people were not those people who would just learn things too easily. That, and he was pretty eccentric. Just really damn eccentric. He stocked the box on the shelf of unsorted items. He checked for his keys in the chest-pocket of his shirt, locked up the backroom, and left.

"Paper or plastic?" one bag lady asked the customer. It was quite crowded on account of the huge sale that had been commenced just that week, so everyone was in a rush to get them out to clear the store. The customer told her plastic and she bagged their groceries.

Toby and the customer were laughing. "You know, you could probably get this half off if you'd have waited until tomorrow," he joked. The fact that she'd been buying the last of a discontinued item was hilarious, and the fact that this was the last day of business because they were closing for remodeling. It was this reason that the store had a huge sale. The rest of the merchandise would have to be moved to another local branch, if not sold that day.

"Oh sure," the woman chuckled. The bagwoman had bagged the rest of the customer's groceries and filled up her cart. She gestured that she was done and that she could help the customer out if she needed it. "No, thanks."

"See ya tomorrow, Margie?" Toby asked the woman before she left.

"I don't think so, Toby. I'm not sure I can make it; too many plans," she remarked, lifting one of the bags up that she decided to carry. This woman knew Toby. This woman wasn't a woman. She was a young woman, and that there, is a big difference. This young woman, she liked Toby. It was quite funny though, because Jada was jealous. Christopher wasn't. He was quite enjoying his boyfriend, Rick, happily.

"Sandra. Have you restocked aisle 1? I should get Jada to do it," Toby sniggered. He was having fun being of higher authority than Jada. This was partially the reason why Jada hated him so much.

"I have, sadly. But that's the job," she smiled. She liked Toby. But she knew Toby would never be interested in her, for what it was worth anyway. "So you're going tomorrow? I mean, why would you? It's not like you like them anyway."

"Oh yeah... I know, I don't. But I love harassing them. They sure like me. Ha." Toby was the most of a joker in that whole place.

"Good idea. I might show up. It just depends on who's planning to go. I don't want to be the only dork there. You know?" And she was a dork. The dorkiest person anyone could meet. She actually was the dorkiest person one could ever meet, but she would take gain of role of the dorkiest of all the people in the immediate vicinity, by far. She pulled back her bangs and laughed. "Actually, I don't think I will. There would be no one worse than me," she chuckled.

Toby frowned. He liked Sandra so much. She was just like a big sister to him, or a best friend. The only difference between her and a sister was the fact that she flirted with him. A lot. "Don't say that, Sandy. Brittany and Tiffany are so bigger dorks than you!" This was certainly not the case, as they were the popular girls in high school. And they were the hostesses.

"You're silly, Toby." She smiled, which made Toby smile, too. At some subconscious level, Toby was aware that she was flirting with him, but it was some level deep down, it didn't really matter. He was pretty much unaware that she was flirting, and he wasn't taking it as if she were. Sandra wanted to kiss him by that point. "Anyway, I have to go, uhh… do cleaning I guess. Call me up if you need me again!"

And, honestly, they were just lucky that their line was empty up until that point, otherwise they'd have been holding up a lot of customers. "Howdy there, Steve. Paper or plastic?"