Green-haired Monster
By "Notyourcookies" (MyCookiesNotYours)
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters Spongebob Squarepants or Patrick Star, but I own everything else. (Except the QFC store….)

Chapter-2: Ain't Coming

"Are you sure you're not coming?" He asked, completely annoyed that this girl wasn't going to show anyway, even thought he'd spent all evening trying to convince her to come. "It's not like you can't come! You're free; I know it." Toby walked back and forth in the perfect attire to get high, wasted, broken, or any combination of the mix. He was kind of hoping she would show because even though he didn't like her like that, he was pretty dependant on her. At parties anyway. He was the type that got invited on his own, but around Tiffany and Brittany he was a klutz, and as far as he knew, it was pretty easy to blame his klutzy actions on Sandra.

"I just don't feel like being the odd one out, Toby. It would be embarrassing. You must know how that feels?" Along with being a dork, Sandra was so self-conscious and was always thinking anything social over many, many times before she'd ever do it. Heck, she was so much of a dork, that the bathrobe she was wearing at that very moment was covered in the characters Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star. This was only if she'd ever thought of doing it, too. But, once it was no, it was no for just about good, except when it came to Toby, because he could convince her of things she would never imagine doing. This time was not the case though.

"I uhh," he began, knowing that he really never felt that way because he was a bit too stupid to ever care. Though, Sandra was right in asking, considering he did always blame those ungraceful moves of his on her. "Yeah. Often. I totally get it." He was lying for reasons even he didn't understand. He was way too stupid to understand them. He was actually lying to save someone's feelings, which was new for him. "Anyway, we're going to miss you. I so wish you would come!"

"I know, Toby. But I just can't. I mean, you said it yourself; you understand why I can't. I'm just too weird… and like, awkward for their parties." Sandra twirled the strand of hair that hung down from her head and moped. She was really unhappy that she was going to miss it, but still felt that she couldn't go. There was a power forcing her not to go. Probably a good idea anyway. She let go of her hair and started tapping the table beside her, glancing at the clock. "I got to go. Sorry," she winced slightly as a plea of forgiveness— a force of habit when she apologized. "Good bye, Toby."

She hung up the phone before he had the chance to say "Goodbye" to her. It was okay though, because he had to go, too. Daniel honked his car horn at Toby, calling for him to run outside and hop in. Toby sent a text to Daniel with a quick reply of, "jus' sec," to the rude Daniel and his honking. It wasn't as if Toby and Daniel were going on a date or anything, but hell, couldn't he have learned better etiquette? It wasn't as if Daniel hadn't dates before, so why was he such an ass? But since they weren't actually dating, it didn't matter all that much to Toby.

Toby brushed off his clothes, checked the house for lights to turn them off, and left the house, locking the door as he went out. He hollered, "Dude, you have no impatience!" He stuck in his tracks for a moment realizing what he'd said, and a little too embarrassed to correct himself. He continued along, checking his own phone for texts, and nearly tripped on the up-wrong pavement sticking out of the sidewalk.

His friend caught it all, from the misused word, to the embarrassment of knowing he misused the word, right to tripping over something he'd known was there all his life. "Idiot!" Daniel called out to the neighborhood, as Toby approached the car. Toby socked him the arm as he got into the passenger seat. Toby glared at him, and all Daniel could say was, "You're an idiot, what am I supposed to do about it? I can't just sit here and watch you act like a fool."

"Whatever. Just get to the party. I'm dying to screw with Tiff," Toby said, and made an evil face. "And Brit, of course." Toby neglected buckling, placed his hands behind his head and propped his feet up on the dash. His shoes kicked dirt onto the dashboard, but Daniel didn't notice, as he was obviously being a respectable driver watching the road. That, or he was watching the hot babes walking past, which was probably the case, considering the size of those breasts! Toby checked his phone; he glanced back and forth between the world outside and the phone screen. He sat in the wonderful convertible that everyone was jealous of. Toby was even jealous of Daniel for owning such an awesome vehicle, but he felt that at least he got to ride in it, unlike some other people.

It didn't take all that long to get to Brit and Tiff's house, though it would have been a long and sweaty walk, and it's definitely known that you don't want to show up looking like a wreck, but to leave looking like one. They got out of the car and Daniel beeped the "lock" and "alarm set" button on his key ring, though it was really of no use, since it was a convertible, after all. Toby was the best dressed out of the whole joint (of the male population, alone), being sexy, had the greatest, coolest clothing, and the hottest hair, though not formal, as it's not a formal party. It wasn't as if this was Toby's regular attire though; it was merely a fluke that he was the best looking in the place, not counting Brittany or Tiffany, because they were the hottest twins in the school. Granted, they weren't identical, in the "scientific" definition, and not in the technical definition either, other than hotness. They were both simply hot, in their own ways. It was a wonderful phenomenon that occurred for the Walker's family, but of course, money buys everything, so maybe not.

Toby walked through the maze that was their front lawn. It was so pretty; of course this was before the party. The maze was actually a maze, with hedges three-quarters of a body high, all placed in a maze-like pattern. There were flowers and fountains; ceramics and cements; greens and pinks and blues and purples. It was so beautiful. The Walkers definitely had a professional gardener and landscaper do all of that work, so it was clearly easy for them to sit back, relax, and watch the "show." He gazed and gawked. He was truly amazed with the work that those brats could afford. It was obvious they could have paid for all of that, including materials, on a week's allowance, and people got jealous of that. No reason not to get jealous, considering the way the Walkers lived, it was a sure shame, unless you account for the parties, in which were totally worth people's time. All including the hangovers, arrests, violence, and accidents, among other terrible, terrifying things.

That was the only thing that Brit and Tiff were good at: throwing parties. You either were good enough to be invited, or you weren't (or you snuck in with one of your more worthy friends). That's why Sandra didn't want to go, because she didn't want to be some weirdo that follows their friend to a party that they weren't invited to. As it was, Toby's friend, Daniel, wasn't invited, but he was the ride and thus "permitted" to go. These parties were thrown more than every so often, and always, always, always ended with some hospital run for someone, thought not always a huge ambulance call.

Toby looked around and searched for his friends, but couldn't find any one of them. The whole place was full of people that he did not know. Brittany and Tiffany were such college-man geeks. They fell heels over head over any older, sexy man in front of them. Drooling and stalking and buying fancy things to impress older men. That is why the party was mostly full of college students, mainly because they were the most hairless older men around. Many of them were getting things ready to trash, and this was the yard alone. Toby trekked all the way to the front door and the guard asked for a name. Since Daniel had been tagging along, when Toby told the guard his name, the guard let him go. The guard also saw Daniel and attempted not letting him in, but Toby was dragging him in, so the guard didn't object.